What is quantity control?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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um it is me

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Q: What is quantity control?
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An open loop control system has its?

control action independent of the output or desired quantity

How do you Evaluate economic order quantity contributes to the maintenance to the stock levels?

economic order quantity contributes to the control of stock

What determine the quantity of a good that buyers demand?

The quantity of goods that buyers demand are determined by the control and means witch they were contained or dispatched eg. manual/automated and QC. (quality control)

When a chemist perform an experiment the quantity is being tested is the?


How do central bank control the quantity of money in circulation?

Central banks control the quantity of money in circulation by printing more bills when the central storage is low and refraining from printing when the country is suffering from inflation.

When a chemist performs an experiment the quantity that is being tested is the?

a. control d. law c. theory d. variable

Why vfd is used with fd fans?

Traditionally dampers are used to control the quantity of air entering the boiler. If we use VFD for FD fan, we can control the quantity of air be changing speed of fan using VFD. This will save energy.

Can we use the quantity control of liqueur including perfume by using the Archimedes principle?


What is a design variable?

A design variable is any quantity or choice directly under the control of the designer.

A monopolist can control the price or the quantity sold but cannot control both?

Because, by doing one you're giving up the other, for example, if you reduce the price you will sell more as a consequence, but if you increase the price, the quantity sold will decrease. They both impact each other.

What does an air register do on a burner?

just it control the quantity of air supplied to burner .It is also called as damper.

What is Marine boiler automatic combustion control system?

The automatic combustion control, or ACC, of boilers designed for shipping, is a unit that contains a programmable sequence control to operate the pilot burner, furnace purge, and the burner piston valve. It also transmits the automatic adjustment commands for the correct combustion of air quantity and fuel oil quantity.