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Q: What is quasi manufacturing in operations management?
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Discuss the importance of studying production and operations management?

the reasons of studying management manufacturing

What is the definition for quasi - manufacturing?

Quasi manufacturing can be defined as having multiple manufacturing companies that produce the same type of products. Having quasi manufacturing in place allows companies and consumers to have the opportunity to keep prices low.

Describe your supervisory experience?

Describe your supervisory - management experience in manufacturing operations

Difference between operations research and operation management?

Operations research deals with the application of advanced analytical methods. Operations management involves managing and directing the processes of development, production, manufacturing.

How did the operations management of Toyota manufacturer exemplify the three key elements of Kaizen?

who is the Toyota car manufacturing chairman ?

What has the author Alex Hills written?

Alex Hill has written: 'Essential operations management' -- subject(s): BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Production & Operations Management, Industrial management, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Industries / Manufacturing Industries, Production management, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Operations Research

What has the author Roger W Schmenner written?

Roger W. Schmenner has written: 'Plant tours in production/operations management' -- subject(s): Case studies, Manufacturing processes 'Plant and service tours in operations management' -- subject(s): Service industries, Management, Industrial tours, Manufacturing processes, Case studies 'Getting and staying productive' -- subject(s): Business logistics, Six sigma (Quality control standard), Industrial productivity, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management 'Instructor's guide, cases in production/operations management' 'Revisiting the focused factory' -- subject(s): Production management, Production planning, Manufacturing processes

Definition of operation management and production management?

I believe that Production Management is a part of Operations Management. Operations is the bigger picture of various functions that affect the overall process and quality of an organizations services or manufacturing. Here is a definition of Operations Management that lists "production management" as a part of the whole. In business, all the different aspects of operations is typically overseen by the COO or Chief Operating Officer. Most people do not know what business operations entails because it tends to be a broader discipline. Unlike project management, which has defined completion to a task; operations management deals with processes, resource allocation, and quality to run the business day to day in an efficient and effective manner. APICS The Association for Operations Management also defines operations management as "the field of study that focuses on the effectively planning, scheduling, use, and control of a manufacturing or service organization through the study of concepts from design engineering, industrial engineering, management information systems, quality management, production management, inventory management, accounting, and other functions as they affect the organization".[1]

What do you understand by production and operational management?

The management of those resources and activities of a business that are required to produce goods for sale to consumers or to other organizations. Production management is concerned with the manufacturing industry. The growing interest in the production management task in service industries has led to the use of operations management as a more general term.

What are some of the operations management practices that can help bring manufacturing back to the US How can a focus on quality improve manufacturing?

Some of the operations management practices that can help bring manufacturing back to the US include the government giving tax breaks to manufacturers in the US. Another is not allow employees unions in this field. A focus on quality can improve manufacturing but insuring that customers are happy with their products. The more reliable a product is the more likely someone is to be a return customer.

Where can I get operations management courses?

The Institute of Operations Management Level 3 course is aimed at those who are new to the operations management and supply chain management profession, or those who are already employed in operations management wishing to gain a formal qualification in the subject. The IOM Certificate in Operations Management provides educational support for industry with this general coverage of Operations Management and its role in supply chain management.

Production management entails creation of wealth Discuss?

The production management entails the creation of wealth. This is because in the manufacturing operations, the production management includes the responsibility for the product and the process design. It also deals with the supervision and organization of the workforce.

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