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First, some background on how an NMR is built.

NMR's have a superconducting magnet in them. A superconducting magnet is an electromagnet that has no resistance in the current flow...not losing the current allows us to generate massively large magnetic fields. Keep in mind that resistance generates heat.

In order for a superconducting magnet to BE superconductive, it needs to be kept very, very cold. The basic definition of a quench is for this magnet to raise in temperature to the point that it is no longer superconducting. To keep the magnet cold enough, it is bathed in liquid helium, which is itself insulated by liquid nitrogen. Liquid helium is TOUCHY...helium boils at -452 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the helium is for some reason heated up, it tries to evaporate, which increases the pressure inside the container. The container is only meant to withstand so much pressure, so eventually it will burst (actually, there's a specifically engineered rupture disk that allows this to happen without blowing up the entire instrument).

Two most common ways for quenches to occur are due, frankly, to user error. First, the liquid helium needs to be refilled on a periodic basis (anywhere from every 2 to 4 months). This is a very sophisticated technique, and doing it wrong can result in allowing room-temperature air go into the helium area, which will rapidly boil the liquid helium. This can build up enough pressure to initiate a quench. The second is the result of not maintaining the liquid nitrogen, which typically needs to be refilled every week. This just happened this past weekend...someone let their nitrogen run out, and the helium evaporation increased to the point that the magnet quenched.

There are also some other causes of quenches, but these are mainly issues that people don't really have a whole lot of control over - basically it comes down to faulty parts.
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Can you use NMR in characterisation of nanomaterials?

It depends of course on the specific material, but it being nano-sized makes no difference at all to the NMR spectrum. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance works on the principles of excitation and emission of the nucleus of the atoms. Only certain nuclei are capable of being monitored using NMR spectroscopy. ( Full Answer )

What are the applications of nmr spectroscopy?

The main applications of NMR stereoscopy are the elucidation of the carbon-hydrogen backbone of organic compounds and the determination of the relative stereochemistry of the same molecule. See the link below for more details.

What is the purpose of nmr?

If conducting a reaction in research and the desired products are known, an NMR can be ran on the sample to determine whether the reaction is complete or successful. There are many other reasons for NMR though like to determine the behaviors of atoms if placed in more or less electronegative environ ( Full Answer )

What is nmr?

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is a type of spectroscopy used to help determine the structure of specific molecules. Type nuclear magnetic resonance into wikipedia for a full article.

What is the basic principle of NMR spectroscopy?

Priciple of N.M.R is based upon the spin of nuclei in an external magnetic field.In absence of magnetic field,the nuclear spins are oriented randomly.Once a strong magnetic field is applied they reorient their spins i.e aligned with the field or against the field.Orientation parellel to alignment of ( Full Answer )

What is color quenching?

Color quenching is the attenuation of photons produced by a scintilator due to absorption and scattering. This effect, combined with the chemical quenching (attenuation of the transfer of energy from the solvent to the scintillator gives the total quenching effect of the scintillator/solvent mix.

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What is C6H12O2 nmr spectroscopy?

You need to be more specific. Are you asking for a type of spectroscopy? If so, the one you're probably looking for is C-13 NMR, or CNMR. Are you looking for a specific graph of a molecule of C6H12O2? It depends on the peaks on the CNMR graph to actually determine the structure of this molecule. The ( Full Answer )

What a screening constant in nmr?

The screening constant is the quantity represented by omega. It is determined by the electron density and the spatial distribution of the electrons around a nucleus. This value differs for different protons. For example, protons (H) in a methyl group has a larger screening constant as compared with ( Full Answer )

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COupling constant in nmr?

Here is how you calculate a coupling constant J:. For the simple case of a doublet, the coupling constant is the difference between two peaks. The trick is that J is measured in Hz, not ppm. . The first thing to do is convert the peaks from ppm into Hz. Suppose we have one peak at 4.260 ppm and a ( Full Answer )

Interpret NMR spectra of benzocaine?

Benzocaine has been used as a local anesthetic for many years. TheNMR spectra is determined at the melting point.

Difference between nmr and esr?

3. Differences between NMR and ESR 1)Resonant Frequency One important difference between NMR and ESR is that in ESR the resonant frequencies tend to be much higher, by virtue of the 659-times higher gyromagnetic ratio of an unpaired electron relative to a proton. For example, a typical magnetic f ( Full Answer )

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What is the primary advantage of 3D-NMR over 2D-NMR?

One more D. It's difficult to answer this question exactly, since it's not always necessarily true that 3D NMR is better than 2D NMR (or even than 1D NMR). It really depends on what information you're looking for. In fact, sometimes information that theoretically could be used to add an extra di ( Full Answer )

What is the use of nmr?

NMR spectroscopy, or nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, is one of the methods used by organic chemists to determine the structure of an unknown molecule. The following is a basic summary of some of the information you can gain from NMR spectra. There are two types of NMR, 13 C NMR and prot ( Full Answer )

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What is chemical quenching?

quenching is the decrease in flourescence intensity due to specific effects of constituents of the solution itselfe... chemical quenching is the type of quenching due to various factors like change in pH,presence of oxygen, halides or heavy metals...

Why Tetramethylsilane is used as a reference in nmr?

There r three reasons 1. TMS have all hydrogen equivalent thus it produce singlet 2. All compounds gives NMR signal downfield to TMS 3. It can be easily removed from liquid samples of proteins beccause it is volatile.

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quenching is rapid cooling of steel to be heat treated, there are basically four types of quenching: 1- by water. 2- by oil. 3- by air. 4- by furnace. water oil air furnace tensile stress 175*10 4 112*10 4 88*10 4 52*10 4 (N/mm 2 )

What causes a multiplet in proton NMR?

Adjacent carbons have more than one H atom which causes splitting of peaks in the spectrum. Multiple peaks corresponding to one or more magnetically equivalent atoms are multiplets

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\n. Pocl can properly quenched in ice cold water but care should be taken that it should not done quickly,do it slowly and carefully..

WHAT IS NMR frequency?

Electro magnetic radiation in the range of 60Mhz to 1000Mhz frequency necessary to cause a nucleus to spin flip ie the resonance frequency.

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I assume you are referring to Geiger Muller tubes. In a basic Geiger Muller tube once ionization occurs the tube goes into avalanche conduction. To stop this conduction early Geiger Muller counters used a quench circuit that removed power from the tube long enough for the avalanche to quench, so ( Full Answer )

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What does the term NMR Spectroscopy refer to?

NVR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Spectroscopy is a research technique that examines the magnet properties of atomic nuclear material. It's mainly used by chemists and biochemists.

Why proton is common in NMR?

Because when you deal with hydrocarbons, you are dealing with many hydrogens in different environments. The abundance of the H 1 isotope is also very high, so high signal scans take only 1 min 40 on a normal NMR compared to >1 hr for C 13

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A quenching gas such as a halogen is used in a GM tube to damp orquench the electron cascade. Recall that the electron avalanche isinitiated by incident radiation that the tube was designed todetect. At some point that electron avalanche needs to be damped to"reset" the tube so it can react to anoth ( Full Answer )