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Quick Scoping is when you zoom in for less than a second and firing at your target.

Quickscoping is a VERY USEFUL TECHQUINE for players to use snipers. Since the sniper has a "one shot one kill", players uses the snipers as a advantage to kill the other players. Quickscoping is something fun to do and it usally works by "sleight of hand pro" but since Treynarch removed it (A.K.A Josh Olin) therefore not many players can quickscope. Many players are very sad and whining and complaning that quicksocping "is not a real thing" but when i tried quickscoping my NERF gun (longshot) it is 77% real.

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Q: What is quick scoping?
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What was the first game with quick scoping?

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is one of the first games to have quick-scoping.

Is intervantion in black ops?

if you meant to say the intervention, which is a sniper, then no, there isn't. quick-scoping has been made extremely difficult and is therefore been reduced to no-scoping and hard-scoping which is what snipers where intended for in the first place. the L96A1 is the only sniper of which quick-scoping is 'possible' on black ops.

Will there be quick scoping in mw3?

Unlike Black Ops, yes. Hooray.

How do you quickscope on MW2?

Quick scoping is when you press your left trigger and then your right trigger less than a second later, when quick scoping you should not look down your sight for more than a second or it is classed as a hard scope. If anybody would like one on one quick scoping matches send a message to 'ii PrO SNiiPeZ x' and i will have a game with you.

Who was the first to start quick scoping in call of duty?

i started it in 2006 and it was me on ps2

Will there be intervention quick scoping in modern warfare 3?

Yes according to Justin Bieber

Is there going to be quick scoping in MW3?

there always will be in any game. It should be like MW2

What are the best sniper guns?

for fast long scoping i think the m21ebr is amazing but for 1 shot kills or quick scoping the intervention or barret would be the sniper to choose :P

Is quick scoping easier in mw3 than MW2?

yes it has more accuracy than it is in mw2

Does sleight of hand pro work on sniper rifles in Modern Warfare 2?

yes thats why they call it quick scoping

What gun is best fo quick scoping on black ops 2?

dsr with balistics cpu and full metal jacket (fmJ)

What is the differences between quick scoping and hard scoping in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

well, hardscoping is when you look through your scope for more than 4 - 5 seconds, while quickscoping is looking through your scope for 1 - 1.5 seconds.

How do you quick scope in call of duty black ops please provide link to video?

You can not quick scope in Black Ops as quick as you could in Modern Warfare 2, but it is still possible. Try no-scoping. In my opinion, it's more enjoyable.

Can you use 'no scope' in CoD?

Since you used the term "no scope" and not "hip fire," I'm assuming you're talking about a sniper rifle. Yes, there is no scoping, it is rather inaccurate in every Call of Duty game except for Black Ops. In Black Ops, due to the fact that quick scoping is now very hard, no scoping is now incredibly accurate.

What gun do you use to quickscope?

The intervention is the way to go for quick scoping. Although the Barrette 50 cal. is really good too. I recommend both.

What are some quick scoping clans for Mw3?

Yes there is. Im in this clan called "MaFiiA". We are a quick scoping,Trick shoting, and a GB clan(Game battles) for Mw2 AND Mw3. Were sponcered and anybody can tryout. You will need to change your gamertag if you make the clan. You can tryout on Mw2 or Mw3. Wanna tryout? Send a message to "MaFiiA DrAGz" and ill get you a tryout. MaFiiA is Xbox only. Answered on 11/20/11

What is quick scope mode on a modded controller?

A quick scope mod allows you to pull the left trigger only while quick scoping. You set a delay time according to which COD your playing. So basically You pull left trigger and it aims but also does the shooting for you based on the time increment you set it to shoot at.

What does quick scoping do on MW2 or black ops?

The Best Quick Scoper on Black ops is; Beg_for_Mercy10 he plays the PS3 console if you want to 1v1 him then add him and put a message saying you want to 1v1 him how ever he will delete you after your game is finished please Don't add him for fun.

Is there a scoping school which teaches eclipse software?

I know the answer to your question about Eclipse training and scoping school... write me at catsdujour at hotmail dot com.

Is 360 no scoping in the playground illegal?


What rhymes with scoping?


Who is JBB288 on Call of Duty Black Ops?

i dont know about 'JBB288' . i think you might mean Jd2020. i know that jd2020 is the community manager for treyarch and he is the person who tried to stop quick scoping on black ops.

What is a scoping study and can it be of help in a construction project?

scoping study is a kind of value engineering service provided by consultants. but i don't know its exact definition and the possibility of its application to the construction industry.

How do you get faster scoping in modern warfare 2?

You have to get Sleight of Hand Pro

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