What is rabid squirrel disease?

Updated: 11/13/2022
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Your toenails fall off

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Q: What is rabid squirrel disease?
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What is a Rabid Squirrel?

mabey a squirrel that has rabies!

Who would win a rabid squirrel or a robotic bunny?

Not Sure Try It Out

What is the disease spread by rabid animals?


What is something found in a garden that is two words and starts with R and S?

Hopefully not a rabid squirrel.

Is a squirrel rabid if it does not run from you?

Not necessarily Maybe it is just trying to look like a statue so that you cant see it or hurt it. Not that you would. But it may be rabid, so stay clear.

How can you teach a squirrel to do sighn language?

Squirrels are not the smartest animals and they are rabid animals but i think if you could find one that was civilized and didn't have any kind of disease i would be fairly possible to "show" them how to use sign language.

When is the rabid person be contagious?

If a rabid human bites you, and pierce's the skin, you'd be pretty screwed. Rabies is only contagious if the rabid creature pierces the skin. The disease is incurable when the creature begins to froth at the mouth. rabid cat!

Can you get rabies from skinning a raccoon?

If the raccoon was rabid then yes but if it wasnt then no.

How do you get the rabies disease?

You would have to be bitten by a rabid animal e.g a dog.

How many squirrels live in Antarctica?

I was trekking across the continent and stumbled across a 25lb rabid squirrel that tried to kill me. I know there is at least one mean squirrel down there. Squirrly dude...

Could a squirrel be rabid if it eats a mouse since it already has seeds and nuts available to eat?

squirrels are vegetarian and do not eat meat.

Who has squirrel aids?

There is no such thing as squirrel AIDS. AIDS is a disease that only humans develop.