What is rare in Spanish?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: What is rare in Spanish?
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Is there a Spanish word you can make from the letters hatjerk?

I doubt it. 'k' is very rare in Spanish

How do you say rare in spanish?

Rare can be raro or rara in spanish depending on if it referring to a male or female noun. Ex. la rara raza el raro pelo

How do you say surreal in spanish?

Raro (it means strange or weird, not rare ;))

What are the 12 personal pronouns in Spanish?

The twelve subject pronouns in Spanish are:yotuvos (Agentina)elellaello (rare)Ustednosotrosvosotros (Spain)ellosellasUstedes

Amicus verus est rara avis in spanish?

a true friend is a rare bird

What does raro means in Spanish?

"Raro" means weird, or strange. Think of it as the English "rare"

What Spanish words rhyme with Tara?

"Cara" - face/expensive "Para" - stop/to "Rara" - rare

Is there such a word spelled carissiat in spanish?

I doubt it. Double 's' is very rare in Spanish. It looks more like Latin ('caritas' = 'charity') or Italian ('carissima' = 'very expensive').

What countries in india speak spanish?

India is a country. Having countries within countries is kinda rare. Thre isn't one in india, so it can't speak spanish

How do you play Pokemon naranja on online?

well you can't cause it is a rare version that is spanish mode so you can install it

What is the origion of the name Illiana?

Illiana is Spanish and was originally a boy name and is a rare name that means Prince of the Desert

What flag did sir john hawkyns sail under?

He was the Rare Admiral of English Fleet against Spanish Armada.