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What is reaction time?

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It varies from field to field.

In computers, it refers to the amount of time (typically measures in milliseconds [1/1000th of a second), microseconds [1/1,000,000th of a second], nanoseconds [1/1,000,000,000th of a second] and sometimes picoseconds [1/1,000,000,000,000th of a second]

For example, a 1 GHz CPU has a reaction time of 1/1,000,000,000th of a second, or 1 nanosecond, give or take based on various other influences. (A Hertz is a measurement of frequency per second. 1 Hz = once a second. 1kHz = 1,000 times a second, etc.)

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Is reaction time in born or made?

A reaction time is born but is made at the same time. While you grow older and use your reaction more, your reaction time will become faster and better. So, your reaction time isn't born nor made.

What is the fastest reaction time?

the fastest reaction time is 0.04 secs!!

What can increase reaction time?

Fear can improve (shorten) reaction time.

How does the rate of reaction change with time?

how does rate of reaction changes with time

Which is not a building block to physical fitness?

reaction time

What is the reaction time of a college student?

The reaction time of everyone is different. Being a college student doesn't play a role in your reaction time.

What is an alligator's reaction time?

Alligators have a reaction time of 50 milliseconds. This reaction time is most likely enabled by their super sensitive skin.

What is the effect of age on reaction time?

Does the age of a person effect the reaction time

What sports do you use Reaction Time?

Every sport uses reaction time.

How does reaction time change with temperature?

As the temperature increases, the reaction time decreases.

Does people with anxiety disorders have longer reaction time?

no they have short reaction time

Is Hermann von Helmholtz known for reaction time or phrenology?

reaction time

How does age effect reaction time and if so how?

Reaction time shortens from infancy into the late 20s. Then reaction time slowly increases until the 50s and 60s. Reaction time lengthens faster as the person gets into their 70s.

What is an example of a reaction time?

"Reaction time" is defined as the amount of time elapsed from a given stimulus to the response to it. Example: Your pencil falls. The amount of time for you to realize and catch your pencil is the reaction time.

When a chemical reaction and its reverse are ocurring at the same time and the same time rate the reaction has achieved?

The reaction has achieved equilibrium.

Are reaction time and temperature directly proportional?

temperature is proportional to 1/time taken for reaction to complete (rate of reaction)

Drivers who can only react to one situation at a time are said to have?

singular reaction abilities

Why do you need reaction time in football?

To strike the ball with perfection reaction time is needed.

Why is reaction time important?

reaction time is important because you know how long it takes.

How does fatigue affect reaction time?

Fatigue affects reaction time by making it slower.

How is reaction time different to speed?

Reaction time is a noun. Speed is a hard drug.

When would use reaction time in swimming?

you would use reaction time at the start.

What do enzymes do for a reaction?

It speeds up the reaction time.

Why does a chemical reaction stop after some time?

Chemical reaction stops after some time because the energy of the reaction fades away.

How does the surface area affect the reaction time?

Increasing surface area decreases the reaction time, effectively increasing the rate of a reaction.