What is real team names in PES 2010?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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North London = Arsenal

West Middlelands Village= Aston Villa

Lashire= BlackBurn Rovers

Middlebrook= Bolton Wanderers

London FC= Chelsea FC

Merseyside Blue= Everton

West London White= Fulham

Yorkshire Orange= Hull City

Liverpool FC= Liverpool FC

Man Blue = Manchester City

Manchester United =Manchester United

Teesside = Middlesbrough

Tyneside= Newcastle United

Pompy = Portsmouth

The Potteries= Stoke City

Wearside= Sunderland FC

Northeast London= Tottenham Hotspurs

West Midlands Stripes = West Bromwich Albion

East London = West Ham United

Lancashire Athletic= Wigan Athletic

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  • North London (Arsenal) (was licensed in PES 5 and PES 6)
  • West Midlands Village (Aston Villa)
  • West Midlands City (Birmingham City)
  • London (Chelsea) (was licensed in PES 5)
  • West London White (Fulham)
  • Merseyside Red (Liverpool) (licensed in PES 2009 and PES 2010)
  • Man Blue/Mccresta C (Manchester City)
  • Man Red/Mccresta U (Manchester United) (licensed in PES 6, PES 2009 and PES 2010)
  • Teesside (Middlesbrough)
  • Pompy (Portsmouth)
  • Berkshire Blues (Reading)
  • Wearside (Sunderland)
  • East London (West Ham United)
  • Lancashire Athletic (Wigan Athletic)
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Man city- man blue

Mersyside red- Liverpool

Mersyside blue- Everton

Potteries-Stoke City

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Q: What is real team names in PES 2010?
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Check it out. I'm not very sure.

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They are the real names

What had been the F C Pro Evolution Soccer Newcastle United's unlicensed fake name?

Their nickname - the name used commonly by fans - is the Toon or The Magpies. The "fake name" means they did not license the name used. PES They were an unlicensed team named Newcastle. PES 2 They were an unlicensed team named Highlands. PES 3 - 6 They were an unlicensed team named Tyneside. PES 2008 In Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, they were a licensed team alongside Tottenham Hotspur. PES 2009 They were an unlicensed team named Tyneside PES 2010 They did not appear in PES 2010. PES 2011 - 2015 They were an unlicensed team named Tyneside.

Are pes united and we united real teams in pes 2009?

No, they're fictional teams and so are their players. Some of them have names that sound or are spelled almost like the names of real players (I.E. Romaldinho) but they aren't.

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quoa guqo 53524j2j1l iwa cadw

What is got better gameplay FIFA or pes?

fifa because of these reasons better graphics stadium names proper team names instead of Tyneside, Merseyside red and man blue the team sponsors on their shirt the shirt makers eg. adidas Nike puma umbro they get the player names right, pes doesn't the reasons for pes are you can choose the difficulty easier

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Malakas Malakiou, Paparios Papariou, Zwon Zwoniou

What are the reviews for PES 09?

The football game PES 09 scores from between 4 and 4.5 stars. This isn't a bad football game and thankfully now they are starting to use real football team names rather than the made up ones they used to.

How do you play PES 2010 online?

go to and type PES 2010

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