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Q: What is reality and desire?
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What ultimate effect does the engineer's visit to the cottage have on him?

It causes him to lose his desire to hope for something magical amidst a dismal reality.

What ultimate effect does the engineers visit to the cottage have on him?

It causes him to lose his desire to hope for something magical amidst a dismal reality.

What is the theme of A Streetcar Named Desire?

The most important themes are Illusion versus Reality, The Destructive Nature of Time, The Old South versus the New South and Loneliness and Isolation

What element in The Masque of the Red Death best symbolizes people's desire to shut out awareness of the reality of death?

That is subjective. Answer it for yourself, stop being so lazy!

Its far harder to kill a phantom than a reality?

Yes, because a phantom has no form, it lives on in the mind; whereas a reality has a definite starting and stopping point. The phantom is us. They are hard to kill because the terror they cause is the very thing that we desire to continue.

Does a line have convexity?

According to Euclid, No. But there are other perceptions of reality that can supply you with any weirdness you desire. Spherical geometry for examples has all lines as circles and therefore convexity.

What does Dumbledore mean when he tells Harry that the mirror will give us neither knowledge or truth?

Dumbledore meant that the mirror didn't teach you how to achieve your hearts desire - nor did it show you the reality of the situation.

What is the force that directs the actions of individuals and businesses in a market system?

In a true capitalist market, its greed or the desire to maximize profits that drives people and businesses. In reality there are other forces that are also in play, such as altruism.

Is generation gap a myth or reality?

a reality a reality

How do you say desire in Latin?

Desire = Desiderium (as a noun) To desire = cupere I desire = cupio

What does it mean when you dream about eating?

When we dream about eating it simply means you are hungry or have a craving for a particular food kind. the brain is unique that if a desire is strong enough and is not being satisfied in reality the brain fulfills the desire in a dream and the feelings associated with actually eating the food is experienced in the dream. This theory is also consistent with wet dreams where a strong desire for sex results in the brain simulating the activity in the form of a dream to the point of actual satisfaction or climax.

What has the author Corbin Scott Carnell written?

Corbin Scott Carnell has written: 'Bright shadow of reality' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Desire in literature, Joy in literature, Romanticism, Spiritual life in literature