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The term redemptive antisemitism is not widely used. It refers to the false ideology that ascribes all the world's problems to an imaginary international Jewish conspiracy.

The term is closely associated with the work of Saul Friedländer. Please see link.

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Q: What is redemptive antisemitism?
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What is a sentence for antisemitism?

Here are some sentences.Antisemitism is a dangerous belief.His antisemitism made him a bigot.

Did the concept of antisemitism begin with the Holocaust?

The holocaust was like a kick-starter for antisemitism, It didn't invent antisemitism.

Can you write a sentence using the word redemptive?

Yes, one can. "A redemptive theory about life"- R.K. Brown

What is the difference between religious antisemitism and political antisemitism?

The usual disintinction is between (traditional) religious antisemitism and racial antisemitism. The latter arose after religious toleration was accepted in most European countries and religious antisemitism lost much of its force. Racial antisemitism arose from about 1870 onwards and operates with conspiracy theories.

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Antisemitism means discrimination against Jewish people.

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Antisemitism was around for thousands of years before the Holocaust started.

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Religious antisemitism: Jews are bad because of their beliefs. They killed Jesus, they refused salvation. Cultural antisemitism: Jews are bad because of what they do. They control the banks. They conspire against civilization. Racial antisemitism: Jews are bad because of who they are. They have evil genes. They are not really human.

Did the Nazis invent antisemitism?


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It was, above all, misguided religious zeal during the Crusades that encouraged antisemitism.

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The antisemitism during the Holocaust was just an exaggerated form of pre-Holocaust antisemitism.

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