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What is reinforced concrete?


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The concrete in which reinforcement is used is known as RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) elsewhere it is known as PCC (Plain Cement Concrete)


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reinforced concrete. Steel can handle tension well Concrete can handle compression well Concrete + Steel (reinforced concrete) can handle compression and tension well.

Reinforced concrete is just normal concrete with steel reinforement placed inside.

Steel reinforced concrete is concrete with rods of steel running through it.

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Reinforced concrete has steel bars embedded in it. It is also called re-barred concrete.

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The maximum thickness of a reinforced concrete wall is 203 mm.

The density of reinforced concrete is 2500 kg/cum or 25 kn/cum

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Because the term itself explains it. Reinforced concrete is much stronger building material with its added such as steel rebar, which strengthen it in tension.

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Reinforced concrete is made by placing steel bars in the tension zone of the beam x-section.

The concrete in which more than one fiber types are used as secondary reinforcement is called hybrid fiber reinforced concrete.

Reinforced concrete is used in building as it combines the good properties of compression strength (Concrete) and tensile strength (steel/iron).

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Concrete can be reiforced by using steel; steel can not be reinforced

Concrete is usually reinforced by adding steel. The cost of reinforcing concrete depends with the given area under which the steel is placed to reinforce it.

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