What is related to mongoose?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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merrcats,wesels,fussa, diferant species of weasels,poo cheese and best boy hahahaha joking about the last tree

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Q: What is related to mongoose?
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Related questions

Is meercats related to the weasel?

no the mongoose

What is a mongoose closely related to?

Mongooses are related to cats and hyenas

Are meerkats and mongooses mustelids?

No, the meerkat is a type of mongoose, and they are not related to mustelids.

Is the hyena related to the mongoose?

The Helogale pervula (common dwarf mongoose) is closely related to the family Hyaenidae (hyenas)

What domestcated animal is the meerkat related to?

it is related to the mongoose, and i also think the ferret.

Does Sri Lanka have mongoose?

Yes Sri lanka does have mongoose species. See related link for more details.

Is a mongoose in the family of kangaroos?

Not at all. The mongoose is a placental mammal and the kangaroo is a marsupial. The two animals are not even remotely related.

How many people think mongoose are cute?

There are many people who think that mongoose are cute. Mongoose are carnivores, meaning that they eat meat. They are related to cats, and they hail from Asia, Europe and Africa.

What is the body type of the Egyptian Mongoose?

Mongoose carnivorous small mammal that is related to the Civet, found mostly in India,Africa, and southeast Asia. There are approximately 11 species of Mongoose in South Africa. A mongoose can range in length from 7 to 25 inches

What does the mongoose lemur eat?

Mostly Fruits see related link..

Is a fossa a cat?

no it is not it is most closely related to the mongoose and stoats and weasels

Which animal is related to a ferret - mongoose or rodent?

The mongoose is in the sub-order of cats, the ferret is in the sub-order of dogs, under the carnivore family. Rodents are in the rodent family. The ferret is not related to either the mongoose or rodent