What is remuneration of personnel?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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What is reasonable expection for remuneration

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Q: What is remuneration of personnel?
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What is the remuneration of land?

The remuneration for land is Rent

What is the remuneration of Labour?

Salary and wage is the remuneration of labour

How do you use remuneration in a sentence?

I never got my remuneration.

Remuneration and use it a sentence?

There is a remuneration package attached to these posts.

What is a sentence using the word remuneration?

I do this job for free and with no remuneration expected.

Is remuneration word is used only for heroes and heroines in films?

The word remuneration has nothing to do with heroes or heroines. Remuneration is a noun meaning the payment for something. Example uses:I paid most of my tuition with remuneration from part time jobs.Your remuneration with be ten percent of the contract at the time of signing.

Tax planning in respect of managerial remuneration?

corporate assesses are required to pay utmost attention while framing the remuneration policy for their personnel. it requires the full knowledge of income tax laws and other allied economic and corporate laws like the companies act in regard to allowability and taxation of salary income of executives and directors, etc.

How many units does human resource have?

1.personnel research. 2. industrial relations. 3.employee maintenance. 4. employee motivation. 5. employee hiring. 6. employee and executive remuneration

Can you use remuneration in a sentence?

Yes, 'Kathy enjoyed her new job even though the remuneration was not as much as she was used to.'

What Are The Antonyms Of Remuneration?


What is gross remuneration?

gross remuneration is pay or salary, typically monetary payment for services rendered, asin an employment.

Case based remuration in Health Care?

Do you mean "remuneration"? Remuneration is money paid for services rendered. Case-based remuneration would be money paid per case as opposed to per individual service.