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* You must have a Rear Wheel Drive car to compete in any official Drift series

Optional, but makes it easier: * A manual transmission(thou not required, gives you more options in a slide, such as clutch kick, and shift lock) * A Limited Slip Diff (not required, but allows the car to slide a lot easier) * Good Suspension (not required, but helps control your slide) * Good Tires (the better, stickier the tire, the higher speed you can drift, for this it might be easier to learn in a small parking lot with crappier tires, thus keeping the slides at a lower speed)

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what do you mean? like a good setup or things you need for them?

one of the most important things is that your car is RWD and has a LSD

to lock the rear wheels (you can buy those separately), next is the suspension, it is usually stiffened and adjusted for negative camber in the rear to reduce grip making it easier to lose control. contrary to most belief, you may not need engine+power upgrades because they are expensive and mostly unnecessary, just make sure you have a fair amount of torque. just keep it on the tracks and not the streets

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Q: What is required to make your car a Drift car?
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