What is required to produce any sound?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is required to produce any sound?
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Energy is required in order to produce any sound?


True or false energy is required in order to produce any sound?


What kind of sound waves do vacuums produce?

The vacuum does not produce sound waves nor, can sound waves travel through them. A sound wave needs something to travel on/through, such as air. A vacuum doesn't contain any particles required for sound waves.

2 What is required to produce a sound wave?

vibration of the object and a medium such as air

Why does a vibrating pendulum not produce any sound?

A vibrating simple pendulum does not produce any sound because it oscillates at very low frequencies.

Do vibrating objects produce sound?

if they are in a void no matter how much the object vibrates it won't produce any sound waves

What sounds does the guitar produce?

any sound you want

How do you make a bulb that will glow if you clap hand or whistle or produce any type of sound?

the materials required are 1. bulb 2. IC 3. any thing that u need to make it.... Just do it guys...............

What is an example a constant sound?

The fake sound you hear when you have tinnitus. Also, any device that is permanently on will produce a constant sound.

Is friction required to make sound?

No, the only thing required to make an object produce sound is to apply enough sudden force onto a minimally supported object, forcing it to dissipate that force all by itself. To do this the object vibrates, which produces sound.

Are toy banjos good for real use?

No, toy banjo's do not produce a quality sound required for real use

What sound dum produce?

what sound does drum produce