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Q: What is responsible for absorption of sun light?
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What organelle is responsible for solar absorption in plants?

It is the chloroplast.It contains pigment to absorb sun light.

What layer of the sun is responsible for the absorption of lines in the solar spectrum?

Light coming up from the centre of the Sun goes through the outer layer where it encounters absorbtion by elements in the outer layer, and this gives rise to absorbtion lines in the spectrum.

Why objects appear different colors in different color light?

They do because of the absorption of the light from the sun!!! I think not sure

What organ in the digestive system is responsible For nutrient absorption?

The small intestine is responsible for the absorption of nutrients.

What are the two factors that determine the light that falls on the surface of the earth?

The Sun's output, and the absorption by the Earth's atmosphere.

Which type of spectrum do most stars have?

Most stars have absorption spectra. In other words, stars possess thin outer layers that allow light to pass through. These layers produce what are called absorption lines. This means the light from the sun and stars are absorption spectra.

Which gas molecules if any are primarily responsible for the absorption of visible light?

In a gross sense, the water vapour in clouds is has the greatest effect.

What is responsible for the absorption of ultraviolet radiation from the sun?

The ozone layer present in the stratospheric region of the atmosphere is responsible for the absorbtion of the UV rays. These rays are high frequency and can cause various fatal problems.

Do pigments affect the absorption of light in plants?

Yes they do affect the absorption of light in plants.

What type of spectrum do we see from the sun?

some of the light from the corona produces a continuous spectrum that lacks absorption lines. however the type is absorption spectrum

What is 0.3 Albedo as related to Sun absorption?

An albedo of 0.3 means that 30% (a fraction of 0.3) of the incoming light gets reflected.

The palisade cells are specialized for the work of photosynthesis These cells are located near the top surface of the leaf for maxium absorption of what?

sun light