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Q: What is sanctioned and unsanctioned aggression?
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What is the highest possible series in bowling?

The highest possible 3 game series is 900. As of today, December 6, 2009, there have been 15 sanctioned 900 series with an additional unsanctioned 900 series.

What is a sentence using the word unsanctioned?

The basketball game was unsanctioned and could not be broadcast on television or radio. Personal leave can not be used for unsanctioned absences from work.

What is mixed boxing?

Mixed boxing is an intergender boxing match between a man and a woman, typically unsanctioned and often between untrained fighters. Sparring between trained men and women is common, but sanctioned mixed boxing matches are exceedingly rare, and videos of matches are often meant for fantasy entertainment.

How many 300 games have been bowled?

Unfortunately there is no way to know this number precisly. USBC has a record of all sanctioned 300's in America, however this do not include 300's bowled for fun or practice or in unsanctioned leagues and tournaments, or before the establishment of USBC. So theres no definite answer.

What does unsanctioned mean?

Unsanctioned means no holds barred basically and that wwe wouldn't advise the match to go ahead because it's a bad idea, usually one of the competitors in the match is returning from a career threatening injury.

Which word describes a clandestine love affair?

tryst; affair; elopement; illicit; unsanctioned; secret

What sanctioned the crusades?

The Popes claimed God sanctioned the Crusades.

What has the author Vanderlyn R Pine written?

Vanderlyn R. Pine has written: 'Unrecognized and Unsanctioned Grief'

Is aiwc sanctioned by Australian government?

If you are referring to the lottery then no, it is not sanctioned by the government.

Which term least describes the author's tine toward Mr.collins?


What is behavior sanction?

Sanctioned behavior is often termed as authorized or acceptable behavior. An example of sanctioned behavior is the sanctioned behavior sports organizations enforce during game time.

Can you attribute crime to aggression or aggression to crime?

can you attribute crime to aggression or aggression to crime e.g. which one is a stimulus and is a response