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Q: What is saturns moon called that goes backwards?
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What is saturns twelfth moon called?

julian mcrae

How did the time change?

the moon goes backwards

What is it called when a moon's orbit is backwards?

When a moon's orbit is backwards, it is referred to as a retrograde orbit.

What is Saturns main moon called?

The largest of Saturn's moons is called, appropriately enough, Titan.

What is the largest of Saturns moons?

Saturns two largest moons are Titan and Rhea

What are saturns' largest moon called?

Titan. It's special in that it's the only moon in our solar system with a thick atmosphere.

Does earth's moon and saturns moom titan have water on their surface?

Saturns Moon Does But Earth Doesn't Well At Least I Think That's The Answer :)

What was the first name of Saturns moon?


What is the name of saturns main moon?

there is no MAIN moon but Titan is its largest(:

Is there water on Saturns moon?

No there is no water on Saturn's moon

What is the most prominent moon for Saturn?

Titan is Saturns largest moon.

Why are three of saturns satellites-- atlas Prometheus and Pandora-- called shepherds moon?

They keep Saturn's rings in order