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They learn what we learn in high school when they are in middle school or grade school.

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Q: What is school like in China for children?
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What is China like for children?

the life in china for children is kinda of great except they cant go to school or anything the call them the black children

How do children travel to school in China?

Children mainly travel to schools by foot, by bike and by bus. Most schools in China don't have school bus to pick up the children.

What percentage of children in china attend school?


What percent of children cannot read in Poor China?

The percent of children i poor china who do not attend school is 78% JK ! :)

How long do children in china stay in school in china on the first day of may?

one day

How old do children go to school in china?

they start school alt three years old

How many hours a day do children go to school in China?

this website is useless

What time do children go to school in china?

One of them is Kaleidoscope Theatre Arts.

How many months a year do children in china go to school?

all year!

Do school children in china play table tennis?

Well obviously cuz if you've ever looked under a table tennis table it says made in China just like everything else

Why is there so much pressure on school children in china?

Because there are so many kids and school has a lot of pressure.

Do school children in China have homework?

Yes they have homework every day including weekends!