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What is science and technology?

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Science and Technology=Science and technology is a term of art used to encompass the relationship between science and technology. It frequently appears within titles of academic disciplines (science and technology studies) and government offices (Office of Science and Technology).=

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What are the similarities of science and technology?

• The difference of technology and science is that technology is the product of science. Technology is also the tools used to progress science.

How is science used in technology?

The technology uses science to solve problems. Without science, no technology is possible. Scientific knowledge helps in making new technologies and advancements. Thus, technology is completely dependent upon science.

How does science relate to technology?

Science relates to technology because science created technology. It was the knowledge and experimentation of science that lead to the creation of technology.

How is technology and science linked?

Technology is science

How science relate to technology?

science Relates to technology because without science there would be no technology

How technology related in science?

science is the origin of technology. Without science it is impossible to create technology. so you can say first science and then technology.seoserviceworld

Advantages and disadvantages of science and technology?

Advantage - science without science no growth of technology Advantage - technology Without technology there wont be a usage of science

What is an example of technology in science?

An Example of technology in science is Physical science

What are the effect of communication on science and technology?

what are the effect of comunication of science and technology, or science and technology effect on communication.

What is the relationship between technology and science?

We use technology to learn about science. And we use science to build technology.

Does technology benefit from science?

Yes. The root of technology is science . As science evolves, technology also evolves .

How is science related to technology?

science is the foundation of technology!

How are technology and science related?

how are science and technology related?

What is the relationship of technology to science?

Technology is the application of science.

Contrast science and technology?

contrast science and technology

What is the impact of technology on science?

technology is the application of science

How is has technology impacted science?

technology is the application of science

How is technology differnet from science?

Technology is applied Science......

What does technology has to do with science?

Science creates technology which helps create science! Technology is like robotics and computers science is chemicals and nano technology they support each other!

Is physical science an example of technology?

No, technology is the application of science in engineering. A physical science of itself does not deliver technology.

How does science affect technology science?

because scientists envented technology Advances in science contribute to advance in technology

Science and technology?

Science and technology go hand in hand. Whenever there are advancements in technology, there will usually be advancements in science.

What came first science or technology?

Science came before technology. Without science, technology would have never happened. Science is constantly changing technology and improving upon it.

Which is more effective science or technology?

Short answer: neither Long answer: Science and technology are interdependent of each other. Science relies on technology to progress, and technology relies on science to do the same.

How does technology relates to science?

technology is related to science because technology is the practical use of science.for example, engineers apply science to design technology.

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