What is sensible energy?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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The most sensible energy to me is the solar energy.

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Q: What is sensible energy?
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What temp is 45000 btu?

BTU is a measure energy, not of temperature. As a result, the question has no sensible answer.

Which heat is stored in water vapour?

The heat is stored in water vapour is latent heat.Latent heat describes energy that is not stored as the internal energy (i.e. temperature) of an object but in its phase state.For example, in the atmosphere heat that is transported by an air parcel that contains more water vapor than its surroundings. Because energy is needed to turn water into water vapor, water vapor is a way for a body to store energy (along with potential energy, kinetic energy, and sensible heat). If the water vapor is returned to a liquid or solid phase (by condensation or sublimation), the stored energy is released as sensible heat.

Difference between latent heat from sensible heat?

Two forms of heat are relevant in air conditioning:1. Sensible Heat2. Latent HeatSensible heatWhen an object is heated, its temperature rises as heat is added. The increase in heat is called sensible heat. Similarly, when heat is removed from an object and its temperature falls, the heat removed is also called sensible heat. Heat that causes a change in temperature in an object is called sensible heat.Latent heatAll pure substances in nature are able to change their state. Solids can become liquids (ice to water) and liquids can become gases (water to vapor) but changes such as these require the addition or removal of heat. The heat that causes these changes is called latent heat.Latent heat however, does not affect the temperature of a substance - for example, water remains at 100°C while boiling. The heat added to keep the water boiling is latent heat. Heat that causes a change of state with no change in temperature is called latent heat.Appreciating this difference is fundamental to understanding why refrigerant is used in cooling systems. It also explains why the terms 'total capacity' (sensible & latent heat) and 'sensible capacity' are used to define a unit's cooling capacity. During the cooling cycling, condensation forms within the unit due to the removal of latent heat from the air. Sensible capacity is the capacity required to lower the temperature and latent capacity is the capacity to remove the moisture from the air.

Why does Britain use wind power?

Because there is a lot of wind round Britain and harnessing that energy (which comes from the Sun and is renewable) is a sensible way of reducing dependence on carbon fuels for power.

What is sensible and latent heat?

Sensible heat is potential energy in the form of thermal energy or heat. The thermal body must have a temperature higher than its surroundings. The thermal energy can be transported via conduction, convection, radiation or by a combination thereof. The quantity or magnitude of sensible heat is the product of the body's mass, its specific heat capacity and its temperature above a reference temperature. In many cases the reference temperature is inferred from common knowledge, i.e. "room temperature". latent heat is the amount of energy in the form of heat released or absorbed by a substance during a change of phase (i.e. solid, liquid, or gas) Two latent heats (or enthalpies) are typically described: latent heat of fusion (melting), and latent heat of vaporization (boiling). The names describe the direction of heat flow from one phase to the next: solid → liquid → gas. The change is endothermic, i.e. the system absorbs energy, when the change is from solid to liquid to gas. It is exothermic (the process releases energy) when it is in the opposite direction

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What happen to the energy being put into water when it reaches 100 degrees?

It turns from latent energy into sensible energy when steam is created

What is the best type of energy available?

Sensible Energy, Latent Energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, mechanical energy, internal energy, and a LOT more. Well, these arent the BEST types of energy but.. yeah...

What temp is 45000 btu?

BTU is a measure energy, not of temperature. As a result, the question has no sensible answer.

What part of speech is sensible?

sensible is an adjective

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What are the mitocondria needed in a cell?

As an energy source for aerobic organisms - they have a monopoly on burning hydrogen in oxygen in a biologically sensible way.

What are the mitocondria needed for in a cell?

As an energy source for aerobic organisms - they have a monopoly on burning hydrogen in oxygen in a biologically sensible way.

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