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Q: What is separated during evaporation?
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What type of mixture can only be separated by evaporation?

homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures are separated by evaporation

Can water be separated from bath salts?

Water can be separated by evaporation.

Can be separated the salt?

Sodium chloride can be separated from water by water evaporation or by distillation.

Salt dissolved in water can be separated by?


How is Chlorine separated from its source?

evaporation technique

How ink can be separated through evaporation?


Can oil be separated from water by evaporation?


Salt water can be separated by evaporation?

Yes. You can separate water from a salt solution by evaporation.

Can mixtures be separated and how?

Yes, mixtures can be separated with a centrifuge, and mixed liquids and powders can be separated by different evaporation techniques.

What mixture are separated by evaporation?

The mixture of salt and water.

How can a solid be separated by water precipitation evaporation filtration weighing?

After evaporation a sold crystalline residue remain.

Can a mixture always be separated by filtration?

No, only liquids. Most liquids can be separated by filtration those which can't are mostly separated by evaporation.