What is settelite?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: What is settelite?
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How do you spell settelite?

The word is spelled satellite.

What is tata sky?

what is tata? Tata is a big Company of Mobiles,Vechiles and D.T.H Settelite e.t.c . His owner name is Ratan Tata

Can an electronics and telecommunication engineer get oppurtunity to work for NASA?

hy, why not? An ETE student is more technically smart from other engineering. An ETE student studied the totality of Electronics ,control systems, settelite and every sector of communication. The telecommunication is modern demand. This demand is gradually increased. At nasa there has already a telecommunication core. A Telecommunication can work also Deep Space Network at nasa or anywhere. So dont be worry about ur subject, ETE is an highly demandable subject.