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'Kage no ryuu'.

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Q: What is shadow dragon in japanese?
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How do you say shadow dragon in Japanese?

影龍 kage ryū

What is the name of the main Pegasus knight in fire emblem shadow dragon?

Caeda (English) shiida (Japanese)

How do you get the Ninjago shadow dragon?

there is no such thing as a ninjago shadow dragon

What is the ISBN of Shadow of the Dragon?

The ISBN of Shadow of the Dragon is 0152735321.

How many pages does Shadow of the Dragon have?

Shadow of the Dragon has 314 pages.

When was Shadow of the Dragon created?

Shadow of the Dragon was created in 1993-10.

What is the Japanese translation for shadow demon?

kage ryuu or possibly ryuu no kage which would be dragon of shadows which sounds cool

What is shadow bandit in Japanese?

shadow bandit in Japanese is Kage no tōzoku

In blue dragon does logi have a shadow?

He does have a shadow!!! Watch blue dragon during the weekdays and at every 6.00p.m and you can see that logi does have a shadow.

What is the japanese word for shadow?

影 kage translates to "shade" or "shadow."Shadow is 'kage' in Japanese.The word 'shadow' in Japanese is kage.

How do you say Dragon in Japanese?

The Japanese word for Dragon is "Ryuu"

What is the worst Pokemon attack out of dragon burst dragon rage dragon pulse dragon claw outrage shadow ball shadow claw shadow force nightmare hex and epic dragon blow?

Epic Dragon Blow is the worst, because it's not even a real move.