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What is significance of holy water?


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January 29, 2009 3:03AM

Holy water comes in three primary categories... 1) Water from a specific place which has spiritual significance to the person who is using it. The river Jordon is where Jesus was baptised so some Christian faiths consider this water to be holy. Especially when brought back to their own country for use in christenings, blessings, etc. There are many faiths in the world and some of these will use other rivers or streams. Sometimes a spring which is considered to be the source of a river carries special significance because of its purity. 2) Ordinary water which has been blessed or prepared in a spiritual fashion for use in religious practices. 3) Movies. TV shows and books - this depends entirely on the author's interpretation and definition of the above situations. Definitions and rituals can be far more detailed and elaborate thereby adding additional suspense and drama to a crisis (was the priest ordained? Was the water pure? Was it collected by a virgin? etc)