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Silent = Unspoken

de facto = in fact

amnesty. = pardon.

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Q: What is silent and de facto amnesty?
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When was De Facto - De Facto album - created?

De Facto - De Facto album - was created in 1999.

When was Irates de facto created?

Irates de facto was created in 1980.

How do you use de facto in a sentence?

Since the President resigned, the Vice President became the de facto President. In the sentence, de facto is expressing a fact.

What is a de facto directorless corporation?

A de facto director is a person or committee that acts in place of a director in a corporation. The de facto director is legally responsible for the corporation.

When was De Facto - Marčelo album - created?

De Facto - Marčelo album - was created in 2003-11.

What is the relation between de jure and de facto?

De jure refers to something being based on law or formal authority, while de facto refers to something being based on actual practice or reality. In some situations, there can be a misalignment between de jure and de facto, where something is legally mandated (de jure) but not followed in practice (de facto).

De facto and de jure slavery?

De facto means in fact, and de jure means in law. De Jure slavery would refer to legalised slavery. De facto slavery would not be in a legal sense, but would be the situation nonetheless.

de facto?

In reality

What does de jure and de facto politica power mean?

jure power = legislation ;facto power=justice

What does de facto mean in terms of marital status?

If something is de facto it means it is a reality, a fact of life, even if not approved in law (de jure).eg: Kosovo exists as a de facto country because, de jure, it is still part of de jure one cannot park one's car on the pavement but de facto everyone does.

What is a 'de facto' single-party system?

The phrase 'de facto' means in ['de'] fact['facto']. A single-party political system may have two or more political parties that theoretically are allowed to name candidates for political office. But that system is 'de facto' when only one party gets its candidates elected.

De jure vs de facto?

"De jure" means "concerning law" while "de facto" means "concerning fact". A state may be de jure sovereign without being de facto sovereign, because a greater nation maintains economic or political hegemony over them, as Syria did with Lebanon. Or vice versa: de facto sovereign without being de jure sovereign, like the tribal areas of Pakistan.