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A cyst is a fluid filled structure. Cortical describes its location in the cortex, meaning the outer portion of the kidney. Mid pole is the middle portion of the kidney. There are different types of cysts. Simple cysts are harmless and may be ignored. Complex cysts range from harmless to cancerous. The features of the cyst will help the radiologist (the doctor interpreting the exam) determine whether the cyst is simple or complex. Depending on its features, complex cysts will need to be reimaged (with CT or ultrasound) or removed (with surgery).

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Actually, drinking any beverage, including an alcoholic one, is good for the kidneys.

A proteinaceous cyst of the kidney is also known as a renal cyst. The cyst will have hemorrhagic fluid as well as lesions on the kidney.

If it is a simple cyst, probably not. There are characteristics that would make it concerning and that are often graded using something called the Bosniak scale.

My husband found out he has an exophytic cyst on his kidney, measuring 9.2 c. Are these cyst cancerious??

kidney cyst are very common and 99% of the time they are benign. (non cancer) 50% of people over the age of fifty have kidney cyst.

Renal cortical cysts are fluid filled sacs that develop near the kidneys. Although they can reach sizes of over 15 centimeters, they are usually benign and cause no adverse health problems. . They can, however, be a sign of polycystic kidney disease.

cortical cyst is very common. In most cases, they are not serious and even cause no symptoms if the cysts are less than 3-5 cm. When the cyst exceeds 5 cm in diameter, it is large and need to be followed by urltrasound, CT scan or MRI.

its a size of a cyst or lump

Simple benign renal cyst does not require any surgical intervention

A T2 hyperintense right renal lesion is a mass found on the right kidney. It could be a simple cyst or indicative of a tumor.

Simple kidney cysts are abnormal, fluid-filled sacs that form in the kidneys.

A renal cyst is a collection of fluid in the kidney. Kidney cysts can be benign but some are more serious and can actually impair kidney function.

How differniat between early stage hydronephrosis and simple cyst How differniat between cyst in liver or kidney ?

Kidney or urinary lowdensity head in this example a cyst

The cyst was fluid filled.Her ovarian cyst was small and benign.

Could be a cyst, or maybe kidney infection

A degenerative cyst on the right ulnar styloid is pain on the wrist opposite the thumb. This is typically a ganglion cyst which can be treated without surgery.

Removing the cyst when it's small will require a smaller incision and, so, less pain.

I have a small cyst on the right side of my head just 2 inches above my ear. It's been there for a few years now. It is always tender and when I get headaches it's always on the right side around the cyst. Almost like tension headaches, never on the left. I think this is due to the cyst. The doctor told me i have nothing to worry about, i'm wondering does anyone else have this? Should i be worried or get a second opinion?

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