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A smart casual dress code is typically an informal but neat attire. It is not as dressy as a formal dress code but it is a step up from business casual.

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What is the dress code at dollar tree?

smart casual!

What is the dress code in London theatres?

Smart casual

What is the dress code for a medical secretary?

Smart but casual. usually office wear

What is the proper attire for the embassy interview for immigrant visa?

There is no dress code. Common sense says dress smart casual.

What is smart casual attire?

Smart casual attire would include khaki dress pants paired with a nice sweater or a blouse that buttons and includes a collar. Smart casual might include dress pants with a blazer and low heels or even a casual dress.

What is casual dress code?

Casual dress code means you can wear anything you wish. i.e. jeans and t-shirt, training shoes whatever you wish. It means you do not have to wear a jacket or tie or smart clothing.

Does anyone know the dress code for Creek Wood High School in Charlotte Tennessee?

The dress code for Creek Wood High School in Charlotte Tennessee is smart casual.

What is the dress code for Andrea bocelli concert?

It would depend on what sort of concert it is but smart casual is usually the norm

What is the Dress code for medical assistants?

dress casual but fancy

What should a women wear for an event where the dress code is smart casual?

i would wear, jeans and a nice top with a blazer and heels to dress it up, that'd be nice:-)

What is a music producer dress code?


What is upscale casual dress code?

The upscale casual dress code depends with the occasion. An upscale dress code for women would be simple cotton or khaki skirts in a classic style paired with a nice blouse.

How do singers dress?

Casual or formal wear. There is no actual dress code for singers today.

How do you dress up for Christmas mass?

Traditionally you'd dress in something smart and casual, as is acceptable in a place of worship.

What dress code is nesessery for pentacostal cristians?


What is the dress code for working at payless shoes?

yes there is, dress shoes, black pants and a dress shirts. the dress code for Payless Shoes is Business casual. and NO!!! Sneakers

What is another word for dress code day?

Casual clothes day

What is the dress code for employees at rainbow clothing store?

casual or dressy

What is smart formal dress code means?

A smart formal dress code means neat, formal dress. For women it means a long gown. For men it means a black suit with a black bow tie.

What do Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Engineers wear to work?

Casual attire at the minimum. Maybe a company under which an individual might work may maintain a casual dress code. As for now there is no fixed dress code for AI/Robotic Engineers.

What is the dress code for cirque du soleil?

There really isn't any dress code for our shows. While some of our guests decide to dress up, others wear casual clothes. It is really up to you.

What is Ruth's Chris Steak House dress code?

The best attire for the environment is business casual.

What is the dress code for the Union League Club of Chicago?

The dress code for the Union League Club of Chicago is business casual attire in general. Special events however require higher forms of attires, such as business dress attire.

Casual in a sentence?

They are in a casual relationship, it's not serious. I decided to dress casual on Friday.

What is upscale casual dress for teen girls?

An upscale casual dress for teen girls will typically be a solid color A-line dress. Sometimes this dress will have a colored sash.