What is snsd dorm?

Updated: 11/7/2022
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Its were the south korean k-pop group "live"

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Q: What is snsd dorm?
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Where does snsd taeyeon stays?

In the SNSD dorm with the other girls.

Who are the most popular in snsd?

Taeyeon is the most popular in SNSD :) and the prettiest in snsd

Who was kick out from snsd?

Nobody was, is, or will be kicked out of SNSD.

How can you talk to snsd online?

Night snsd

Who in snsd likes to swim?

yuri is the swimmer of snsd

What is yoona's favorite snsd song?

its snsd's Complete.

Is Jessica the leader for SNSD?

No, she is not. Taeyon is the leader of snsd :)

Who founded SNSD?

SNSD was fouded by Lee Su Man.

Snsd yoona did surgery?

Yes, but she is the most natural beauty in snsd

What are the basic steps of man-manok?

Mukha kayong manok bwisit na project to oh I Got A Boy na ngalang Jigeumeun SNSD Apeulodo SNSD Yeongwonhi SNSD SNSD SAranghae

Why is jessica snsd wasn't in snsd hello baby?

They were all in SNSD's Hello Baby. But if you are talking about Why she wasn't in it that much its probably because of her schedule.

Do super junior actually sing SNSD's songs for SNSD?

yes they sang SNSD's single "Gee" for one of the promo's they did. However they don't really sing the songs especially for SNSD... only for charity events etc. As well SNSD sang super junior's "sorry sorry."