What is solid liquid or a gas that contains two or more substances blended evenly throughout?


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homogeneous mixture


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It's neither! Actually Gatorade is a homogeneous mixture. A homogeneous mixture is a solid, liquid, or gas that contains two or more substances blended evenly throughout. Gatorade contains elements that are blended together to make compound, and also many other very long chemical mixtures but all in all its really a homogeneous mixture.

Yes, that is correct. A homogeneous mixture contains particles of two or more different substances that are evenly spread apart.

the substances are evenly distributed throughout. (APEX) :)

OK first try-to find the definition of what you are trying to find

A SOLUTION is a mixture of two or more substances in which the molecules of the substances are evenly distributed

Homogeneous because in my science book it says a homogeneous mixture contains two or more substances that are evenly mixed on a molecular level but still are not bonded together

A homogeneous mixture has two or more substances uniformly distributed throughout its volume. A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture of two or more substances not distributed evenly throughout its volume.

it is a heterogenous mixture because it contains substances that are not evenly mixed together

A solution is two or more substances mixed evenly throughout but not chemically combined. A solution is also an answer to a problem.

A homogeneous mixture in which subtances are evenly distributed throughout the mixture and a heterogeneous mixture is when substances are unevenly distributed throughout the mitre

Of course they. If not, they would not be "in solution".If substances of a solution are evenly distributed then they have reached equilibrium.

An homogeneous mixture is monophasic.

When you combine two or more evenly you will get suspension

A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture that contains two or more of different and insoluble substances. Ex: A mixture of Sand and Rocks is a heterogeneous mixture as they do not diffuse evenly.

In a mixture, the individual substances are not even distributed. You can segregate these substances using physical techniques.

Solutions are mixtures composed of substances that are spread evenly among each other. Solutions are substances that a solute dissolves in a solvent. One example of solutions is salt water.

When gas molecules are spread out evenly throughout a space they are in equilibrium. This is because pressure is even, enthalpy is minimum and entropy is maximum.

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