What is something you can do when your 18?

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Depends on where you live. In the US, at 18, you can:

  • Vote
  • Get an unrestricted drivers licence
  • Purchase a Title 1 long gun firearm
  • Join the military
  • Move out of your parents' home
  • Write your own permission slips to be absent from school (if you're still in high school)
  • Buy cigarettes
  • Purchase pornographic magazines and films
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Can a parent get in trouble for something their 18 yr old did?

Not unless the parent(s) aided or abetted the action. (In the US) at 18 the 'child' is usually legally emancipated and no longer a 'ward' of their parent/guardian, with the exception of Missouri - 17 years, and Alabama & Nebraska - 19 years, and Mississippi - 21 years.

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Is there something you can not answer?

You can't answer when you or other people will die, or when the world will end, although many guesses for all of these have been made, they're not really answers.

Why do you have to be 18?

Because that's a part of life. You Have to be 18 so u can vote, drive, etc.

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Is it illegal to enter something for over 18 but you are younger?

Yes, it is illegal to enter into something where it states the person must be 18 or older and you lie about your age. If you should profit from whatever you entered into then you will not get what you hoped to get, but charges generally will not apply against you even though it was an illegal act.

There is something with me?

Yes, I'm sorry to say there is something worng with you if youresort to the internet to answer personal questions.

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