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What is song on Kohl's Christmas commercial?


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The song is called: "Forever Young" written by Bob Dylan.

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the song in the Kohl's back to school commercial is "Mercy" by Duffy

AnswerYaya from America's Next Top Model cycle 3

Stevie Wonder - What Christmas Means To Me

Daniel Lee Kendall sings "Lost in the Moment" in the Zales Christmas commercial.

The 2011 Christmas commercial that Time Warner is airing contains a song by Guster, "Tiny Tree Christmas ♫ ... and then appears a perfect Christmas time"

This is clearly a song created by Kmart for it's 2011 Christmas Ads. It is simply a jingle, not a song.

The music on the Dobbies Christmas commercial is "The Christmas Song" by The Raveonettes, from the album "Music from the O.C. (Mix 3)".

this song is called beautiful by Sean Kingston a great song i recommend it btw kols is like a pooey store

It's called The Christmas Song by The Raveonettes. I just bought it on itunes just from seeing the same commercial, lol.

No, ELO has never recorded a Christmas song. Jeff say's it too commercial material.

The song in by Brighton, MA and it is called "Good Kind Of Crazy" and it is a great song

The song is Kiss Me On Christmas by The Canon Logic.

Daniel Lee Kendall sings "Lost in the Moment" in the Zales Christmas commercial.

Tiny Tree Christmas by Guster--the irony is that they are Jewish

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