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Spanish power is personified by the "bull".

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Q: What is spanish power personified by?
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Is Spanish power personified by bulls?

yes it is

Who is French power is personified by?

personified by marianne

When are objects personified as male and when are they personified as female?

I believe it has to do with power and deference. God and Death are deemed supreme and hold the power, whilst feminine objects/essences such as destiny and life are female because they defer to a higher power (God and Death respectively). Hope that helps!

What is being personified in stanza ten highwayman?

Hours crawling is being personified.

Can you make a sentence using to personified?

In the proverb wisdom is personified as a woman crying out in the street

What is the wadjet and its purpose?

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. The eye is personified in the goddess Wadjet

What planet is named after the mythological Greek god who personified the sky?

The planet named after the mythological Greek god who personified the sky is Uranus.

What rhymes with bonafide?


What power had atlas Greek mythology?

He personified the quality of endurance, evident in his bearing the heavens. Iapetus was his father, who plotted with his four brothers to casterate Ouranos.

What country challenge Spanish power in the Americas?

Both Britain and France challenged Spanish power in the Americas.

What is being personified in the sentence the gardener lovingly added the manure to his crops believing he was making happy flowers?

The flower is being personified. It is taking on human emotions.

In Greek mythology who personified darkness?

Hades with his helm of darknessAnswer 2: Erebus is darkness himself.Also, Nyx was the Night personified.