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The special part about "Huffy" bikes is that they have been in business since 1892. The brand manufactures mass market bicycles that are affordable but maintain high quality craftsmanship.

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Q: What is special about Huffy bikes?
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What is huffy bikes mission statement?


Where are huffy bikes built?

Huffy bicycles, for the longest time, were made in the U.S.A., but after 2004 they shut down their U.S. factory. In fact, the factory in Celina Ohio is now a facory for Crown forklifts. Today, Huffy bicycles are made in China.

Where can you get a huffy mountain bike?

Huffy mountain bikes are available in most big box stores. (i.e. Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc.)

What size bikes are manufactured by Huffy?

Huffy manufactures a full range of bikes for both children and adults. They offer 16" to 20" models for children. For adult bicycles, there are models that start at 20" and go as high as 29".

What are some manufacturers of cool bikes?

Some manufactures of cool bikes are Acell Group, CCM, Coker, Flying Scot, Focus Bikes, Falcon Cycles, Huffy, Ibis, and Indian. There are literally thousand of manufactures.

What are the most popular bikes for kids?

Some of the most popular kids bikes include Huffy and Streetflyers. Depending on their age a lot of kids want bike that have their favorite characters on them.

What brand bikes did the vietcongs use in the vietnam war?

They mainly used huffy's and mongoose's but sometimes they would use kent's.

What manufacturer produces the most bikes in a single fiscal year?

Three companies, in mainland China and Taiwan, make about 80% of the bikes sold in the USA under dozens of "brand" names. Huffy and Schwinn are actually owned by the same company.

When was Huffy created?

Huffy was created in 1892.

How much is a huffy sportsman serial 1468534 worth?

Most bikes are consumables rather than collectibles, so don't expect much regardless of what condition the bike is in. Your best bet is to look on ebay, craigslist or similar and see what similar bikes are selling for.

What year Huffy US Special Edition Dr Pepper bicycle produced?

The special editions and there were many were produced in the 1990s early till about 1996

Where can you find replacement wheels for the green machine big wheel?

Contact huffy bikes at 800 872 2453. The replacement wheels run $24 a pair with shipping included.