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What is spermatogenesis?



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Spermatogenesis is the development of mature spermatozoa (sperm cells) from spermatogonia; it includes spermatocytogenesis and spermiogenesis.

  • In the testes there are seminiferous tubules
  • Seminiferous tubule surrounded by epithelium
  • On epithelium are SPERMATOGONIA cells
  • These are diploid cells
  • Divide by mitosis
  • Some remain in epithelium as more spermatogonia
  • However, some move towards middle of tubule
  • They grow larger and are now called PRIMARY SPERMATOCYTES
  • They undergo meiosis I to create
  • SECONDARY SPERMATOCYTES which are haploid
  • 2-3 days later meiosis II occurs to create
  • These begin to differentiate
  • They are enveloped by the Sertoli Cells and undergo SPERMIOGENESIS
  • This gives them their characteristic shape from a round cell to the head and elongated tail. The cytoplasm is remodeled. This creates

Note: The production of egg cells, the female counterpart to spermatogenesis, is called oogenesis.