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What is spirit?

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a spirit is are dead humans life being put into heaven or hell


By default our muscle tone is 50%. If it become less than 0%, then postural reflexes reset it to 50%.

If we have uncontrollable fear that makes us tremble, it indicates that the muscle tone is frequently becoming less than 0%.


If two thoughts try to enter our conscious mind, neither of them succeed and this resets the mind, makes it blank and muscle tone 50%, which is the default value.

A dead man would have the lowest tone. We can block our extreme fears with the muscle tone of a dead person. The tone of a dead person is selected because quantitatively the two tones are the same. Precise timing is necessary to make the blockade successful. If done successfully, we would neither have extreme fears nor the tone of the dead person. What all we would feel is the normal 50% tone.

However, if the blockade fails, then the dead person would cause extreme fear in us and may even control all of our activities. Then we would be said to be possessed by the spirit of the dead person.

Thus, spirit is anything that restores our muscle tone, insufficient to maintain posture, to normal, by competitive blockade.

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What are a list of Good Spirits?

Eros- Spirit of Physical Love Spiro- Spirit of Spiritual love Hagnos- Spirit of Sexual Morality Eirene- Spirit of Peace Eleos- Spirit of Forgiveness & mercy Makario- Spirit of Happiness Elpis- Spirit of Hope Arete- Spirit of Virtues Cratos- Spirit of Strength Acesis- Spirit of Healing Sophia- Spirit of Wisdom Dike- Spirit of Justice Nike- Spirit of Victory Ececheria- Spirit of Truce Hesychia- Spirit of Tranquility Aidos- Spirit of the Conscience Alce- Spirit of Courage Agathos- Spirit of Goodness Paregoros - Spirit of Consolation Tekhne- Spirit of Creativity Musika- Spirit of Music Sophrosyne- Spirit of Self-Control Symphonia- Spirit of Charity Narkissos- Spirit of Self-Respect Asteius- Spirit of Playfulness Gelos- Spirit of Laughter Enthusiasmos- Spirit of Enthusiasm Agathosenergeia- Spirit of Positive Energy Protobios- Spirit of Pro-life Zoe- Spirit of Spiritual life Antares- Spirit of Anti/non-Violence

What is a spirit canoe and is it the canoe of a spirit or the spirit of a canoe?

a spirit canoe is an invisible canoe. neigther the canoe of a spirit or the spirit of a canoe.

What is the spirit of truth?

In the NT, the Spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Messiah, the Spirit of the Son, and the Spirit of God are used interchangeably.

What phrases use the word spirit?

in low spirits, a spirited performance, a free spirit, a spirit of adventure, a vexation to my spirit, the Olympic spirit, the human spirit

What is the name of the stallion in the film ''Spirit''?

its Spirit

Does your spirit sin?

no, your spirit is the holy spirit which is perfect

Was the Holy Spirit a man?

the Holy Spirit is a Spirit.

What is the Welsh for 'spirit'?

Ysbryd; Holy Spirit= Ysbryd Glan

What is embodied spirit?

a spirit that is housed inside a body. for example you have a body and a spirit inside it so it is an embodied spirit.

What are other names of the Holy Spirit?

Holy Spirit namesThe Holy Spirit is also called the Comforter, Paraclete, Spirit of Truth, and the AdvocateOther names for the Holy Spirit are:- Holy Ghost, Spirit of promise, Revelator, Sanctifier, Spirit of the Lord, Spirit of truth, Comforter and Messenger of the Lord.

How Dow you say spirit in the ojibwa Indian language?

Ojibwe is made up of many different dialects, so as a result there are many different words meaning "spirit" in the Ojibwe language:aadisookaanachaagachaakojaakbawaagan (a guardian spirit animal)bawaajigan mayaajiiging (a guardian spirit plant)gichi-manidoo (Great Spirit)gichi-ojichaag (Holy Spiritgiizis (sun spirit)jiibay (spirit of the dead)Jiibayaabooz (spirit rabbit)maji-achaag (bad spirit)maji-aya`aa (evil spirit)Makwa Manidoo (bear spirit)Manidoo-bizhiki (buffalo spirit)zhaawanosii (south spirit)ninjaak (my spirit)

Can a holy spirit be seeing?

No, a holy spirit can not be seen, it is a spirit so it is invisible. A spirit can only be seen if it manifests itself to you.

How can you tell a spirit from a ghost?

A spirit is basically the same as a ghost. A spirit is the entity itself, whereas the ghost is the manifestation of the spirit

In the movie spirit what breed was spirit?

Spirit was a Kiger Mustang. He has a buckskin coat.

What color is spirit the horse from spirit?

Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron's coat is dun.

What is a crusading spirit?

the spirit of a crusader

How do you say spirit in Korean?


What is the Irish for 'spirit'?


The Rabshakeh spirit?

The spirit of intimidation

What is patriotic spirit?

The spirit of the patriots.

How do you say spirit in Cherokee?


Is the 'holy spirit' female?

The Holy Spirit is pure spirit without gender. Hence the name Holy Spirit.

What is another way to say Holy Spirit?

You can call him "the Holy Ghost" or "the Spirit of God" or "the Spirit" more than "the Holy Spirit".

Where Is the holy spirit?

Anywhere the holy spirit chooses to be and the holy spirit chooses to be everywhere.

How do you invite holy spirit in?

Say 'I invite the holy spirit in' and the holy spirit will come in