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A stand-alone environment is a term that is usually used when referring to express technology software. A stand-alone environment is simply a network that runs by itself.

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Q: What is stand-alone environment?
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What environment created by software that works as though it is a standalone computer system?

Virtual Machine

Can a DHCP be standalone or member server?

DHCP Server can be a standalone server

When you have one device connected to the ribbon cable what is it configured as?

Standalone, or Master if standalone option is not available.

Is Microsoft a standalone program?

That depends on which Microsoft program you are talking about. Many are standalone, but many come in suites.

Can a standalone procedure in Ada have the same name as a procedure within a package?

Yes. One could create a file called standalone.adb with the contents: with Text_IO; procedure Standalone is begin Text_IO.Put_Line("I am so alone"); end Standalone; and have another package in a file called with the contents: package package_1 is procedure Standalone; end package_1; (Not providing the body of this package in the example but obviously one is needed). At this point, we have shown that it is possible but the next question is (maybe) how would you call them. with Standalone; with Package_1; procedure My_Main_Program is begin Standalone; Package_1.Standalone; end My_Main_Program;

How do you know if you have a standalone computer?

If you have a computer which is not connected to Internet (or other networks, LAN, Wireless network...) you can call it a standalone computer.

Standalone player on a MySpace?


What is stand-alone?

what is a standalone strategy

What is standalone application?

It means that it is by itself - as opposed to being bundled with other applications for example.

Difference between flash player plugin and standalone flash player?

Adobe Flash standalone is a software application that you install on your computer in order to create and edit Flash/Shockwave files. It's standalone and can work on its own. The Flash PLAYER, however, is a browser plugin that plays the published end results of the standalone Flash software. The main difference is that Adobe Flash standalone can create and edit, while the Flash Player can only view/playback.

What effect does the listen directive in vsftpd configuration file have?

It directs vsftpd to run in standalone mode

What is stand-alone strategy?

what is a standalone strategy