What is static volatile?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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Q: What is static volatile?
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What kind of computer is both static and non volatile?

The Hard Disk installed in your computer is static and non volitile

Is RAM volatile or non volatile memory?

In prossesor it is volatile but in hard drive it is non-volatile.

What are the key properties of a semiconductor memory?

-Misnamed as all semiconductor memory is random access -Read/Write -Volatile -Temporary storage -Static or dynamic

Is RAM permanent or volatile?

It can be either depending on the type of RAM. Dynamic RAM (DRAM) requires constant refreshing and will lose its data if power is lost whereas Static RAM (SRAM) will retain its memory state. The majority of RAM in computers is DRAM and volatile. The most common form of non-volatile memory is flash, widely used for USB memory devices.

What is a static data linkage?

Static data members of a class in namespace scope have external linkage. Static data members follow the usual class access rules, except that they can be initialized in file scope. Static data members and their initializers can access other static private and protected members of their class. The initializer for a static data member is in the scope of the class declaring the member. A static data member can be of any type except for void or void qualified with const or volatile. The declaration of a static data member in the member list of a class is not a definition. The definition of a static data member is equivalent to an external variable definition. You must define the static member outside of the class declaration in namespace scope.

Is a Ram a volatile?

RAM is a volatile Memory. But ROM is not volatile.

What is a volatile and non volatile solute?

volatile will evaporate

Is DRAM volatile or non volatile?

DRAM is volatile.

What is volatile and non volatile soluts?

volatile will evaporate

Why is it necessary to turn off the car engine at a petrol station?

Because there is a risk of fuel ignition due to static electricity buildup and discharge. Gasoline/petrol is extremely volatile stuff.



Is a Dram a volatile or non volatile?

DRAM is a volatile memory