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stationary friction is when friction is happening on an object that is stationary.(STATIONARY MEANS STAYS STILL, OR NO MOVEMENT)

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How can friction move stationary objects?

friction can not move stationary objects, it just opposes the relative motion between them.

What kind of friction must be overcome to start movement of stationary object?

The type of friction that must be overcome to move a stationary object is called static friction.

When is friction at its greatest stage?

When the object that the friction is acting upon is stationary.

What type of friction must be overcome in order to get an object moving?

Stationary or static friction is the friction for a stationary object that resists the initiation of motion relative to a surface or another connected object.

What is the definition of stationary friction?

Look for a Book Fool. >.<

What is the force that causes stationary object?

Frictional force is a retarding force.It is friction that causes an object to become stationary.

When does energy causes friction?

when it moves to eliminate friction the energy must be stationary or at absolute zero temp

Friction between objects that are stationary is called what?

The friction between two stationary forces is called static friction. It is the friction that resists two objects to start moving against each other. Once in motion, the friction between two forces is called dynamic friction. Static friction tends to be greater than dynamic friction, which is why it takes more force to get a heavy box moving along the ground compared to keep it going.

As the pull on a stationary object increases the force of static friction remains constant?

No. In order for an object to remain stationary, the forces on it must be balanced. If the pull on the object increases, the force of static friction must also increase.

What forces act on a stationary object question mark I know there's weight reaction force and a minute amount of friction but hasn't there got to be a force that opposes friction?

Actually, don't worry I know the answer to this particular question now. There is friction, weight (mxg) and reaction force. Movement opposes friction, but that isn't taking place when an object is stationary.

How brakes stop a bicycle?

By creating friction between a moving part and a stationary part.

Explain how friction affects the motion of an object?

Friction is speed's worst enemy. If no forces act on an object, it is stationary. If a force acts on an object, it keeps going forever until another force acts on it (such as friction!!!).

What is the friction that hinders a stationary object from moving on a surface when a force is applied to that object?

Static friction. The frictional force is greater then the force applied, meaning the object can't move.

What is liquid friction?

Friction = Light x VelocityAny Friction is simply the m/Z (Stationary Light Particles) within any piece of Mass being struck by Velocity.FRICTION = m/Z x AZ = mA = Force = Light x Velocity = FRICTIONSee EinsteinElectricitydotcom for an amazing example of Friction.EinsteinGravitydotcom

What kind of friction can must be overcome to start movement of a stationary object?

Static friction must be overcome. Once a force has been applied that starts the object in motion, the force of kinetic friction is less than its static counterpart.

How is friction used to stop a bicycle?

Somewhere, a stationary brake pad will be pushed against a moving surface. If the bike is rim braked, brake pads will pinch the wheel rim. If the bike is drum or coaster braked, stationary pads will push out against the rotating shell of the hub. If the bike is disc braked, brake pads will pinch the rotor between them. And the friction between the moving surface and the stationary brake pads (together with the friction between tires and ground) is what stops the bike.

Why does applying the brakes on a bicycle cause it to slow down?

Same as on a car. Applying the brakes means that something stationary is pressed against a moving part. This generates friction, which turns speed into heat.It produces friction, because when the brake touches the rim of the bicycle, the bicycle slows down. (thats called friction) And after a while the bicycle stopsA stationary part is brought into contact with a rotating part. The resulting friction slows the bike down.

How do you reduce the impact force when hits another object?

If before .........increase the friction of surface If after............increase the mass of stationary object

Where does friction need to be small on a bicycle hub?

In the bearings that go between the stationary part - the axle, and the rotating part - the hub.

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