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To Streamline, or Restructuring

A response to a prolonged recession and or compettitive global economy. To re-structure or downsize. Streamlining can be accomplished by transforming the organisations management structure (centralizing or de-centralizing for example), by restructuring their operations. Operational restructuring would primarily be concerned with the companies income.

Streamlining, in terms of forces and friction and so forth.

streamlining is the process of shaping an object for minimizing the air or water resistance.example: an airplane,a car,a boat, even a fish has pointed nose . that's streamlining.

and it does not drag but reduces the drag created by air on vehicles

Streamlining is the special way to shape objects so that it can move with less drag and resistance. the objects must have a smooth surface and must be round in the front and slowly curve to a point so to form a teardrop. This shape will allow the air and wind to go smoothly over the object, reducing friction.
Streamlining is the shaping of an object, such as an aircraft body or wing, to reduce the amount of drag or resistance to motion through a stream of air. A curved shape allows air to flow smoothly around it. A flat shape fights air flow and causes more drag or resistance. Streamlining reduces the amount of resistance and increases lift.

To produce less resistance, the front of the object should be well rounded and the body should gradually curve back from the midsection to a tapered rear section.

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Q: What is streaming or streamlining?
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What force does streamlining reduce?

Force streamlining reduces air resistance or air friction.

How does streamlining help airplanes fly?

Streamlining helps anything move faster through the air.

How does streamlining affect the flight of a rocket?

Incredibly ! -In rocket flight streamlining is the single most important factor.

Where do you use streamlining?

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Streamlining in boats?

A streamlining boat is one that moves through the water with ease and doesn't have speed or progress problems.

Why streamlining important?

streamlining is important because with out it cars,planes and some boats would go to fast and out of control

How can streamlining reduce friction force?

the shape could be changed through streamlining, the changing of shape leads to reduction of friction

How does streamlining reduce drag?

Streamlining reduces drag because you enhance the object to move with less friction through its environment

In physics what is streamlining?

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How do you reduce drag?

By streamlining the aircraft.

Why does streamlining work?

air resistance

How does streamlining reduce water Resistance?


Who invented streamlining?

Raymond Loewy

What is friction and streamlining?

Streamlining is a way to help an item travel faster. Friction is nearly the exact opposite, as it will slow an item down.

What makes things more aerodynamic?


What are synonyms for simplify?

shortening, abridging and streamlining

Why is streamlining used?

to reduce air resistance or drag.

How is streamlining useful?

it cuts down air resistance.

How is streamlining a factor in flight?

it reduces wind shear

What is streamlining in friction?

streamlining is the process by which the designs of moving tools like cars are made easy for the air to flow, to avoid air resistance or friction.

How does streamlining help to reduce air resistance?

Basically, the streamlining usually culminates in a pointed tip or similar device which will 'cut' through the air, pushing the particles out the way, where as an object without streamlining, with a bulky front, will just face up to the particles and get slowed down by having to push through them.

What is a sentence using the word streaming?

Streaming means flowing. Here are some sentences.The water was streaming down the mountainside.The text is streaming across the page on that website.Heat was streaming out of the radiator.

How is streamlining used?

In believing in god, one can understand everything.

What is the shape of a car which reduces air resistance?

The streamlining shape.

What is a vanwall vw6 streamlining material?

hand beaten aluminium

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