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What is stroke play?

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Stroke Play is the "Standard" way of playing Golf, wehere ieach stroke is counted and the player with the lowest score is the winner.

This is opposed to MAtch Play where each hol is contested individualy and the player who wins the most Holes wins the match

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In what year did the PGA change from match play to stroke play?

1958 was the first year it was a stroke play event.

How do you know which golf club to use in stroke play?

It doesn't matter if it's stroke play or match play. The club you use depends on the distance to the hole and your lie.

Can you play a morning round and then play a match p m?

You are allowed to play the course prior to a match play round, but not prior to a stroke play round. Penalty for playing the course prior to a stroke play competition is disqualification.

What is metal tournament play in golf?

It is known as medal play, and it basically means stroke play.

When did golf start to use stroke play?


What is the penalty for hitting someone else s ball in a golf match?

In stroke play, two stroke penalty and then you must play your ball. In matchplay it is loss of the hole.

Who is William C Stroke?

William C Stroke is the manager of Triple Play Contracting, LLC in Sun City, Arizona. His full name is William Clifford Stroke Sr.

During a practice swing the ball is dislodged from tee is it counted as a stroke?

This came from Brent Kelly of I hope this answers your question. "If the ball is on the teeing ground and you have not yet made a stroke at the ball, then the ball is not yet in play. And accidentally hitting the ball with a practice swing in that situation does not result in a stroke or a penalty. However, once you've made a stroke at the ball on the teeing ground, the ball is considered in play until you hole out. Then the question of whether a practice swing that makes contact is a stroke or penalty (or both) is covered under Rule 18, "Ball at Rest Moved." And here's the ruling: If you accidentally move a ball in play with a practice swing, it's a one-stroke penalty. You must replace the ball to its original position and play it correctly. Failing to replay the ball from its original position results in a total penalty of two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play."

What is net stroke match play in golf?

Net stroke match play is the same as normal matchplay with the difference being there is a handicap allowance. If a player gets a shot on a hole and makes 5 and his partner makes 4, his stroke reduces his score to 4 and the hole is halved. It is a way of making the game fairer and ensuring that all players play on a level playing field.

What is the penalty for a ball landing in the water?

There is no penalty for the ball landing in the water...only for taking it out without a stroke. Technically, (assuming "the water" means in a water hazard) you could play it out of the hazard (with certain restrictions). It might just barely be in the margin of the water and you might be able to play it out without penalty. Assuming you don't want to do that, THEN you take ONE penalty stroke for taking the ball out of the water. You drop (according to the type of hazard) and then play your next stroke. The usual count is "one in, two out" hit one stroke in the water, used one stroke taking it out, and then hit your next stroke (hitting 3).

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What is the penalty in stroke play if a player tees off from the wrong location and finishes the hole?


Should you write post stroke or post-stroke?


What is exhoust stroke?

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What 4 events take place in a stroke cycle?

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What is the penalty for out of bounds in golf?

Stroke and distance. That means if you hit it OB (defined by white stakes) you must add one penalty stroke to your score and play your next stroke from the same spot on the course that you originally hit it out of bounds's a bummer for

Are you allowed to use the forward tees when playing in a golf tournament?

No. You play off the stipulated tees on every single hole. If you play off the wrong tees or outside of the teeing ground,in matchplay there is no penalty, but your opponent may ask you to replay the shot and there is a two stroke penalty in stroke play. In stroke play you must correct your mistake before teeing off at the next hole, that is, you are effectively playing three from the tee, if you do not correct your mistake before teeing off at the next hole you are disqualified.

Is an airshot on the tee counted as a shot?

If you mean a swing and a miss, a.k.a. a whiff, then yes. A stroke is a forward movement of the club with the intention of fairly striking the ball. If you intend to hit it and miss, it's a stroke. If you accidentally knock the ball off the tee, it's nothing. Tee it back up. Play doesn't begin until a stroke is made. On the other hand if you whiff and then knock it off the tee, that's two. Play your third stroke it as it lies.

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