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Studying a way of life by living that life is known as participant observation.

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There are many different types of knowledge that is obtained when studying biology. Four things that you will learn when studying biology include the way that life grows and develops, the way that things reproduce, the way living organisms respond to things such as pain or other factors in their environment, and the anatomy of living organisms.

The holy book of Hinduism is called Vedas. It is all about the way of life and Dharma (righteous living).

The middle ages way of life was called feudalism.

I believe it has not only made it easier for biologists to study living things, but has also helped them better understand the living things they are studying.

because its a way of living life

Life/living/the way of life in France

sociology is the science of studying the culture and way of living in different societies while in economics we study the living standards and their utilization of resources.

Because that is a safe way of earning a living. Being an artist is not.

The Southern way of life is said to be slow and relaxing. This is not entirely true, and living in the South is much like living in any other state.

Vida means "way of life"Subsistencia means "Maintaining life/ livelihood"Vivo mean "alive, or presently living"To say the english word 'living' in spanish, it is vida = life.'living' (as in 'I am living in...') is 'viviendo''living' (i.e. livelihood) is 'subsistencia'

cuz studying hurts, but Study either way ;)

no having lots of fun and not studying is the way to go then win the lottery your set!

Yes: it's called "studying" and "practise".

The middle way of living means to not be poor or rich, but to live your life-style in between. It was discovered by Buddha, founder of Buddhism.

Jesse is 19 (born May,1989). She is currently living in Australia and, after graduating from the prestigious Idyllwyld Arts Academy in 2007, is studying art & drawing at a Sydney University. UPDATE: Jesse Belle is now living in an undisclosed location in Texas. She wants to keep it that way. She is doing well, living a humble life away from prying eyes.

No. Dorms are the best way to get to know people and have a social life which is a break from studying. The down-side to dorms are they are more noisy so if you require absolute silence to study and sleep, you will have a problem. But if your "own living space" is an apartment building also filled with college students, that may be just as noisy.

an organism is anything that is living (plants & animals)

In a way, none of them, but Antarctica does have scientists there and they're living people

Life Science....i had to do this for a crossword puzzle!!!

Cicero has both via vitae ("way of life") and via vivendi ("way of living"). He also uses modus vitae with this meaning, but this expression is ambiguous and can also mean "term of life" or "limit of life".

You may be thinking of atoms and molecules, but they are organized in such a way as to produce life.

why are you living such a life? Humans are living organisms.

Milk is non-living because it does not sustain life, it can not breath, and most of it is factorized(unless you get it straight from a cow) either way milk is not living.