What is supple?

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February 18, 2010 10:55AM

Supple is a game which is like sims but not quite. It is a

computer game. In supple , you play the role of Arin who is

competing angainst Hugh a sexy hot man. Your competing for the job

of an magazine assistant.

The problem is , the boss Margot Winterbottom is in love with

Hugh. You have to use your skills to keep healthy , get sexy

outfits , go on dates with Hugh and most of all work, work , work

until you get all the stars!!!!!

You have to make sure Margot is on your good side and that you

don't get caught kissing and flirting with Hugh.

There are some HIGH sex scenes so i'd advise that if you are

under 18 , please do not play this game:)

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