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What is tacit approval?

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Tacit approval is a benign form of approval that is not expressed clearly, in words. It is silent approval. It is approval that is implied by other statements, actions or by a failure to clearly express disapproval with the situation, performance, idea, plan or request. Tacit approval may be expressed by body language such as smiling, a nod of the head, a pat on the back or a shrug of the shoulders. It can be a friendly form of encouragement and support. On the other hand it is approval that can be easily and conveniently denied as/if a situation deteriorates.

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Tacit in a sentence?

She nodded her head in tacit approval.

What is a good sentence using the word tacit?

I did that with his tacit approval.

How do you use tacit in a sentence?

(tacit = understood without being said or otherwise expressed)"He had a tacit agreement with the police that he would not be arrested if he helped to identify the ringleaders.""She gave her tacit approval to the change by not rejecting the board's plan."

Use tacit in a sentence?

Under some conditions, a person's silence after a statement is made gives rise to a legal inference that the person who remained silent gave the statement tacit approval.

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What is a synonym for intangible?

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What part of speech is tacit?

Tacit is an adjective.

How do you tacit on a clarinet?

Tacit means you don't play.

Sentence using tacit?

Tacit of you to say that is word is stupid.

What is Tacit Software's population?

The population of Tacit Software is 30.

When was Tacit Software created?

Tacit Software was created in 1997.

How do you use the word tacit in a sentence?

The man was very tacit in his approach.

When silence amounts to agree?

In Law that is described as a "tacit admission" or "tacit agreement."

Meaning of tacit?

"Tacit" means conveyed without explicit expression, i.e., "implied."

What is the Difference between tacit and express consent?

What is the difference between express and tacit consent?

What is tacit software requirement?

Tacit means understood, implied, not stated, so a tacit software requirement is one that is understood, implied, and not stated, perhaps due to convention.

What is the meaning of tacit?

Something that is tacit is something that is implied or understood without being stated openly.

What does tacit mean?

Tacit means - something is suggested indirectly or understood, rather than said in words: The neighbors had a tacit agreement not to park in front of each other's houses.

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How do you write a sentence using the word tacit?

Knowledge needs to be codified and written down rather than tacit and hidden inside the heads of our staff

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