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This supplemental insurance covers incidents that occurred during the "active" period of a claims-made policy but are not brought as claims against an insured, nor reported to the insurer, by the time the claims-made policy has been terminated. Needed at various times including when leaving a claims-made carrier, upon the decision to change claims-made carriers, at the time of retirement, or due to death or total disability of the member. Tail coverage is purchased from an insured's previous claims-made carrier.

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Q: What is tail coverage?
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Cost of tail coverage?

The cost of tail coverage is typically around $200.00 monthly. For a medical practice that has been around for a long time it will usually cost about $50,000 all together for tail coverage.

Is tail coverage sufficient to have to continue to see patients?

NO! Tail allows you to continue to report claims that the policy period, but does not extend the policy period.

Why is tail coverage in a claims made policy important?

Claims made policies must have an occurrence occur and be reported to the carrier within the policy period. The tail protects against claims made subsequent to the effective termination date of the occurring policy period.

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Claims-made: A type of professional liability insurance policy that covers injuries/damages only if the injury occurs in the policy period and only if the claim is reported or filed to the insurance company during the policy period or during the tail.Occurrence basis: Professional liability insurance policy that covers injuries/damages that occur during the period covered by the policy even though the claim may be reported or filed outside the policy period.Tail coverage: An uninterrupted extension of the insurance policy period, also known as the extended reporting endorsement.Umbrella coverage: Coverage purchased in addition to a basic liability policy that provides additional amount limits and/or adds coverage for events not covered in the basic policy.

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