What is tengo anos?

Updated: 10/24/2023
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i have age, if you want to say how old u are say 'soy (number in spanish) anos'

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"Tengo años" translates to "I am (a certain number of) years old" in English. It is a way of expressing one's age in Spanish.

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Q: What is tengo anos?
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How do yu answer in spanish cuantos anos tienes?

To answer, Cuantos anos tienes?( How old are you?) You say: Tengo __ anos. Filling in the blank with your age.

What does tengo once anos mean?

"Tengo once años" means "I am eleven years old" in English.

How do you say in spanish i am 11 years old?

I am 11 years old: Tengo once anos. Tengo means 'I have' in Spanish, but is used as 'I am' when talking about how old you are.

How do you say I am . years old in spanish?

yo tengo ....... anos.

How do you say I am sixteen in spanish?

Tengo dieciseis anos

What does tengo treinta y cuatro anos mean?

"Tengo treinta y cuatro años" means "I am thirty-four years old" in Spanish.

What does tengo once mean?

It means I am eleven years old. Tengo- I have. Once- Eleven. Anos- years.

How do you write im 14 in spanish?

Tengo catorce anos.

What does tengo diecinueve anos mean?

I am 19 years old.

How do you answer to cuantos anos tiene in spanish?

you would say "Tengo (age in spanish) años" or simply "Tengo (age in spanish)". For example: Tengo 25 años. Tengo 25.

Say you are 17 years old in spanish?

Tengo diezisiete anos.

How do you say im eleven in spanish?

tengo 11(once) anos