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Q: What is term used for the one who complains?
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How about that fricken weather?

Everyone complains about it, but no one does anything about it.

What is medical term for lack of menstrual flow?

Amenorrhea is the medical term for complete absence of medical flow. For example, The 22-year old female complains of amenorrhea x 3 months.

Who complains after eating too much turkey at thanksgiving dinner?

no one and then they pack in the pie

What is the term used for a person that complains and seeks treatment for nonexistant medical problems seeks medical help for imaginary conditions?

hypochondriacAnswerI think the term used for someone who complains about and seeks treatment for nonexistent medical problems is a Hypochondriac.Someone who makes themselves ill to receive medical treatment is a suffer of Munchhausen's syndrome.Hope this helps. Yes, Munchausen Biproxy is a severe form of hypochondriasis. There is also something called Briquet's Syndrome (or Somatophorm Disorder), which is a psychosomatic disorder characterized by physcial symptoms which mimic disease or injury, but there is no identifiable cause. It is an idiopathic disorder of unknown etiology.

How do you handle guest's complaints in housekeeping?

To handle guest complains in hotels, one should observe that to which department the complains are reffering. In hotels the nature of complains vary every time. That is why Guest Relation Department analyse the complains and then send it to the HOD of the concerned department. The HOD tries to settle the issue anyway he deems fit. But the Guest Relation Officer does the follow up regularly and makes the issue settled.

An expression with one term?

An express that has just one term is a monomial. This is a term commonly used in mathematics and more specifically algebra.

A man screams at the top of his lungs and wakes up half the neighborhood yet no one complains who is he?


What is a slang term for a prison sentence?

A 'stretch' is one slang term used.

What term is used to describe the measured distance from one end to another?

The term length is used to describe the measured distance from one end to another.

What is the term which is used when referring to both Europe and Asia as one continents?

Eurasia is the term which is used when referring to both Europe and Asia as one continent.

How do you spell one owner?

The term used as a descriptive term (adjunct) should be hyphenated (one-owner) but usually is not.

Which chapter of Oresama Teacher is when Kenkawa complains about being the first one Mafuyu has to see?

Chapter 38