What is terrorism?

Answer 1
Terrorism is the process of instilling fear in a population or community in order to obtain or stop some specific behavior.

Answer 2
The definition of terrorism is rather straightforward. Terrorism is determined by having the following definition with six distinct parts: (1) an act by a person who (2) uses violence (3) against civilian populations (4) in order to provoke fear among that civilian population (5) in order to instigate for political change in the country where the civilians were attacked (6) in line with the preferences of the person who used the violence.

It is important not to confuse the terms "insurrectionist" or "rebel" with a "terrorist". An "insurrectionist" or "rebel" does not have (3) or (4) in the definition. This is why we never hear American Revolution stories of Colonial soldiers bombing innocent people's homes with the intent of spreading fear of Colonial acts as pressure to abandon the United Kingdom.

Answer 3
Terrorism is deliberate; terrorism is used to cause fear; Terrorism can be used to intimidate governments; terrorism can be used in effort to achieve political or ideological goals