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What is th average pay for a rookie motocross racer?


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the average pay is 1 p

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The average salary for an ALMS racer varies depending on racer's sponsor. However, most racers receive an initial pay of $25,000 after application and resume is received.

they usually dont make anything until they get better and start racing semi pro and pro thats how it is around here in wi anyways

The average pay for a rookie is around $500,000 a year. A well paid driver can get upto $40,000,000 a year but the average is $5,000,000.

the pay of the salary depends on how good that player is if he is a rookie. if the player has been in the league say 10 years it will depend on how he performed in his first 10 years with that team.

There is no "job" like that, you can't just browse the adds in a newspaper and find something like "motocross racer wanted". However, if you are good at what you do, over time you will get noticed and as you progress you will pick up some sponsors along the way. Sponsors give their riders free gear and may even pay some money for advertising them. This is not a job, but i guess you could call the money you earn a "salary"

Unlimited. If the manager wants, he can pay a rookie $35,000,000 (Alex Rodriguez salary).

That depends on a number of things, the better one receive money from sponsors, how they finish or place, they pay holeshot money. This of course is in the Pro ranks, for local Motocross, some tracks pay a very small amount, (usually the cost of the Trophy) most pay with a Plastic Trophy.

what someone is willing to pay.

Whatever someone is willing to pay

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motocross is held at a number of national races or just races. There organised by national clubs or regional clubs you pay between £50 to £15 to race all day but if you want an example visit , or hope this helps!

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the average pay is around 48,690 bucks!

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Average pay NRL player = 150,000 Acerage pay AFL player = 250,000

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matters what place you finish and what skill... the local pros payback is usally 100% to 200% so that depends on how much riders there are

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