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The answer is voltage, resistance, electric discharge, and current. It is caused by a difference in energy stability between two points that favors a charge to move down a potential difference.

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Q: What is th potential difference that causes charges to move in a circuit?
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A what difference is the what that causes charges to move?

. . . potential or voltage . . . . . . pressure

What causes electric flow in a circuit?

Potential difference, voltage.

What does voltage cause the flow of?

there is a difference in electrical potential energy.

In an electrical circuit a voltage difference is?

Volt difference causes a short circuit! ChaCha

What causes an elecrtic current to flow in a circuit?

The movement of electron towards the high potential causes electric current to flow in a circuit.

What causes potential difference?

A potential difference causes an electric current. Think of it like a river : the source of water is the most elevated point of the river, so the water has a lot of gravitational potential energy. The end of the river is the lowest point of it, so the water has very low gravitational potential energy. What happens between these two points? Water flows! This analogy can be applied to electricity; the potential difference is caused, for example, by a battery in an electric circuit.

Can potential difference ocur without current?

Yes. This is the build up of charge. The difference in charge, aka the potential difference, is the driving force that causes current to flow. The third law of thermodynamics is in action when the circuit is completed and the current flows between two point as a result of the potential difference between those two points. (p.s. I am an American girl)

What causes a electric current?

when a negative and a positive charges attract. or when there is a closed circuit.

What causes current to flow in a circuit?

The flow of electrons or is it magnetic fieldsAnswerAn electric current is a drift of electric charge, due to a potential difference. In metal conductors, the electric charges involved are free electrons, but in conducting liquids and gases, they are ions (charged atoms). The drift is extremely slow, in the range of millimetres per hour.

What causes wire to overheat in a high voltage circuit Is it unequal potential?

It's the current flowing in a wire that causes it to overheat.

What device uses the voltage in an electrical current?

A voltage, or potential difference, is what causes current to flow through a circuit. So all devices (called 'loads') require a voltage applied to them.

Difference in a charge between two electrodes in a cell causes a ----between electrodes?

Potential difference.